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Homework Help: Pascal's Law - Containers filling up

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

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    My first instinct is E), they are all equal.

    So the water fills up the bottom part slowly and it will fill up to the level of the containers equally (obviously). From there, the water will start filling the containers. The amount of water in each container that is pushing down will be the amount of water found in the 'vertical lines' drawn up from the base of the container (does that make sense?). So there will be more water pushing down in C than in A. But this doesn't matter because the amount of pressure in one area manifests itself equally throughout the water.

    Anyway, the more I think about it the more (E) makes sense. Would like to make sure that's the case though.


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    Hi Graeme! :smile:

    Yes, it's E … pressure at the same height is the same.
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