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PDF eReader for Journals? Two-Column Format?

  1. Jan 31, 2012 #1
    Let me start out and say I'm cheap so I would prefer not to buy an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

    I'm looking for an eReader that does okay on reading the two-column scientific journal format. I don't care about any other features, battery life, etc.

    I've read people complain about all of them including the iPad. I don't care about color and can deal with e-ink.

    Short of buying a full out notebook tablet, what are some good ideas? I saw the Le Pan might be a good option, but none of the reviews really discusses journal reading.

    I would prefer that journal figures are properly displayed, but mostly I just need something I can carry with me instead of a binder or folder full of printed papers. I feel bad about wasting company resources, natural resources, and I just don't want to carry it around.


    Top contenders right now are

    Nook Color or Tablet
    Kindle Fire
    Le Pan 3 (not yet out, but might wait)
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    Jano L.

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    Hello SendThis,
    did you check the Pocketbook Reader? It can browse many formats of files including djvu files (books). For reading the current really ridiculuously dense pages of scientific journals only the largest 9,7 inch format (902, 912) is usable (screen has the size of A5), but still not quite big enough; the letters are just too small. You can rotate the picture and enlarge, it but you won't see the whole page. The slight glitch is that the machine is a way too slow in responding to user actions. But I ve goot used to it; if you plan to use it just for reading, not for surfing web, its ok.


    Good luck choosing your eReader,

  4. Jan 31, 2012 #3

    I hadn't even considered it, thanks for the suggestion. I do like it, but I think the $300 is kind of steep for the 9" display. I'll do some more research on it and throw it in the "maybe" pile.

    In fact, I don't mind the e-ink, but it seems the large e-ink displays are all approaching tablet prices. So then it becomes, well if I'm going to spend $300+ on it, I might as well spend a hundred or so more and buy a tablet.

    I guess a lot of people are looking for something similar. I know people who read journal articles aren't typical users, but I'm surprised there aren't more options.

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