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Homework Help: Pencil immersed in water

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    You are looking at a pencil immersed at an angle in water. The pencil appears bent and slightly larger because it appears closer. However, does it appear to be shorter, longer or the same size when viewed at an angle from the opposite side?
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    Do you understand why it looks bent and larger?
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    I know refraction really well. Now the point is this: in 3 different books the exact same diagram is different. In one the immersed length appears longer, in the second it appears the same length and in the third it appears shorter. I was always taught that a virtual image of an immersed object always forms VERTICALLY above the object. This would make the virtual image of the immersed pencil appear shorter. Should the image of the tip of the pencil appear vertically above the real tip making the immersed part of the pencil appear shorter?
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