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Periodic functions (or similar)

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    are there non-connstant function that satisfy the following asumptions ??

    [tex] y(x)=y(kx) [/tex] they are 'periodic' but under DILATIONS

    and also satisfy the differential equation of the form (eigenvalue problem)

    [tex] axy'(x)+bx^{2}y''(x)=e_{n}y(x) [/tex]

    if the Lie Group is of translations [tex] y(x+1)=y(x) [/tex] we may have sine and cosine , however for the case of DILATIONS i do not know what functions can we take.
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    Your differential equation is of Euler type:
    Look for solutions of the for, [itex]y(x)=x^{n}[/itex], then:
    bn(n-1)x^{n}+anx^{n}-e_{n}x^{n}=0\Rightarrow (bn(n-1)+an-e_{n})x^{n}
    So to obtain solutions we look for solutions of the quadratic:
    Which gives:
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