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Permittivity (background reading from Wikipedia)

  1. Jul 16, 2009 #1
    Background reading from Wikipedia
    I read the following from Wikipedia,

    How does a dielectric's dipole becoming polarized
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    Look at the electric field between the separated parts of the dipole... doesn't it go the opposite way of the overall field?
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    I am not sure, could you elaborate more. All I know as of now is that dipoles are not necessarily aligned, and when the electric field is applied (I think?), then the dipoles align.


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    Right. In what direction do they align, in terms of polarity, with respect to the applied external E field?
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    The negative end of the dipole matches with (in the direction) of positive charges (capacitor or other dipoles)? And between a capacitor, could there be many dipoles spanning the distance between the two plates ?
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    Okay, and when you have one electric field oriented in one direction and another in the opposite one the net field is...?
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    Got it, zero (if they are equal-which they are in this situation).


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