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Personal Statement Undergraduate

  1. Oct 7, 2015 #1
    I'm applying for joint honor course in Mathematics and Physics and single honor course in Theoretical Physics at universities in the UK. I am struggling with putting into words what I enjoy about physics and mathematics in my personal statement. I have the other paragraphs in place (I think), it's just difficult explaining what areas I enjoy and why I enjoy them. If someone could please help me form these bulletpoints into cohesive sentences I would very very very much appreciate it:nb)

    • I like the challenges they offer
    • Physics gives me insight into the workings of our universe
    • I like the 'mystery' and 'unknown' (the idea of working to solve things we don't yet know)
    • I am intrigued by quantum mechanics in particular
    • I want to work on a unified field theory in the future
    • I love the elegance and beauty in mathematics (simple proofs)
    • It's inspiring how mathematics is built up of axioms and postulates
    • How we can use mathematics to solve real life problems
    • Fascinating how mathematics seemingly underpins every aspect of the universe
    I just can't seem to get a good flow or a nice transition between the to subjects. I would be forever indebted if someone would write 1-2 paragraphs for me as to get at least an idea of what I can write:smile:

    EDIT: I dit it! Something just clicked and I managed to finish my personal statemenet, and I am very pleased with it if I might say so myself:biggrin::-p
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