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Perturbative Super-Yang-Mills from the Topological AdS_5xS^5 Sigma Model

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    The link you give was already posted above. I read what Lubos said, and I wonder what other theoreticians think, since Lubos sometimes has unconventional posts on his blog...

    I mean, it seems to me that if this is true, this not just "the most interesting paper on hep-th today" (as posted by Lubos) but an historical result !

    But all theoreticians must be busy checking the paper, so this is why I do not get answers yet. At least, there does not seem to be anything obviously wrong with it :smile:
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    Sorry :S. I thought it was a direct link to the article at arxiv :S :S... I had it opened on my browser, along with Lubo's post, so I didn't bother clicking on your link.

    I guess Marcus will love this, since it involves spin networks.
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    These things are never quite perfectly rigorous, but they're strong plausibility arguments, which Ads/CFT already has a ton off. Perhaps this is a little stronger than just checking pwave expansion coefficients on both side, but then we're physicists.

    I don't know how other string theorists are reacting to the details of this particular paper though.
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    Oh, I thought exactly the same. But the spin network seems to me to be on the worldsheet, not the target space, so the math tools are similar but this is only a formal similarity.

    I am not sure I understand what this precisely means, but I appreciate your answer. I guess this must have something to do with the BMN matrix model
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