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News Peter King (R-NY) to introduce gun control law

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    King wants to make it illegal to knowingly carry a gun within 1000 feet of an elected federal official or judge. What's his point? If some lunatic wants to shoot a Congressman, will he be deterred by such a law? I simply don't see how such a law would give additional protection to public servants unless law-enforcement can set up 2000-foot diameter perimeters around politicians and search everybody inside it.

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    Perhaps they could when politicians are giving public addresses, say at a park. Maybe they wouldn't set up checkpoints, but if they see someone has a holster it'll give them the right to remove them from the demonstration? But I feel like they probably already could have done that.

    Does that mean that if you're in Walmart and a Congressman that you recognize walks in, you have to leave?
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    Your first example is one to which such a law may be applicable. Your last is a good example of the weakness of such a blanket ban. I see some serious faults with the premise of King's proposed law, and wonder how the draft can be worded to avoid unreasonable search and seizure for anybody that finds themselves in the presence of a judge or an elected official.

    For instance, if one of my Senators bought the property next door, would I be in violation of Federal law because I kept pistols for home-defense?
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    This would further isolate elected officials from their constiguents. Basically saying that a sane, lawful, permit holding, FBI checked (though this needs to be looked at), is not welcome near an elected official. Knee-jerk reaction to a pscho. These guys are out of touch IMO.
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    I agree. I think King's announcement is timed to take advantage of current events, and can't be taken seriously. Unless he's willing to put a lot of caveats and exceptions in his ban, it will be unenforceable. Plus, it would make criminals (Federal law, no less) out of ordinary citizens that ran afoul of it.
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    Despite my views on the subject, I can see this law won't be very productive.

    Let's face it, if you really wanted to get away with it I'm sure the nutters out there will find a way.

    Although I would like to see someone prove they didn't know they were carrying.
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    how do you know if you're within a 1000 ft? carry a scope?
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    It wouldn't be productive at all.

    Are they going to search everyone within the radius? If not, any psycho that has the intent to harm isn't going to care what the restrictions are. Making such a law only makes those who are regular joes criminals, or simply not welcome to be around those he/she elected.
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    LOL! I was thinking the same thing.
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    Surely such a law would just inspire more hardcore snipers?

    Is 1000ft really that far a shot?
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    333yards is within hunting rifle range. It would require a respectable marksmen.
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    I can't get my head around King's thought-process. If some kook wants to shoot his Congressman, will he think "but I can't do that because if I do, they can charge me for being within 1000 ft of him with a gun"? What a deterrent!!! (Not.)

    "They could tack another 20 years on my life-sentence." Hmmm
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    What effect would this law have? No law abiding citizen at a town hall meeting would be "packing". The small but real chance that a law abiding citizen could put an end to an assassin would be eliminated. Too bad nobody was carrying at the Safeway parking lot.


    PS Another unintended consequence: Parking lots at political meetings would be a good place to steal guns. The law abiding citizens will put them under the seat or in the glove box.
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    It should be no nut cases within 1000 feet of a politician. No wait, that would be logically inconsistent. Hey wait again, maybe it's a good idea after all.
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    I don't think the point would be to be a deterrent, but to make it ok for police to arrest anyone seen with a gun.

    But, I don't see the point, someone determined to shoot a politician probably isn't going to be milling around waving a gun. I also don't think politicians are more of a target for nuts than anyone else in the public eye. Celebrities get attacked, that's why many have body guards.
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    I'm just so appalled that he thinks that there should be specials laws enacted to protect government officials. The way I see it, there no better than anyone else. No person's life is better than any others.

    As usual, politicians wanting special protections & privileges for themselves.

    I'm still trying to understand why government representatives can bypass airport security.
  18. Jan 11, 2011 #17
    Well, if I go to America and shoot some random person it won't be treated the same as me going to America and shooting Obama (or any high government person).

    If bypassing airport security gets you czelaya, think about diplomatic immunity.
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    I don't attend town hall meetings but if I did I'd have no problem "packing". I "pack" pretty much everywhere it's legal. As well as do numerous other people. Just so happened noone was "packing" at the beginning of this particular meeting. Had there been, things might have turned out a lot differently.

    Regardless, this is a bogus knee-jerk reaction that is getting this guy some PC PR.
  20. Jan 11, 2011 #19
    This is something I'm not so sure about. For one, I see the potential for it to backfire onto you being quite high - who would risk it? Would anyone be confident enough? I just can't see it myself. (I'm talking about private citizens not people with some form of training in the area.)
  21. Jan 11, 2011 #20
    It's really not worth speculating about. I just know that if I hear shots fired while I'm armed I'm going react in a defensive manner. And there are plenty of private citizens out there that are more trained than I.
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