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PF Mail not receiving messages!

  1. Oct 6, 2014 #1
    Hi Folks!

    For exactly a week I haven't been receiving any messages on my PF Mail (my primary and only personal email) apart from filtered forwarding from other accounts (work ...etc).

    Is anybody facing, or has recently faced, this issue?
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    PF mail has been discontinued. I'm trying to find the post where Greg said that but I'm not being very successful.

    EDIT: Read this.
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    I apologize for not having a notice. Microsoft sent me an email saying they were discontinuing the service we were using. I had no idea anyone was still using the emails as I haven't mentioned the service in what feels like 8-10 years.
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    Oh Thanks DataGG and Greg,

    No problem at all Greg! Yeah I can say I'd been happy using the service for a few years. Probably it's time now to try ProtonMail.CH ;)
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