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Admissions Ph.D. admission in Europe with average grades, no recommendations

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i can get the recommendation from the following professor. in my department there are no big names in theoretical physics, there are some big names in experimental particle physics. does a recommendation from an experimental physicist stands any good for admission in theoretical physics?
sure it is even better if the professor if involved in the field you list in your SOP for your application, but you've gotta keep in mind that the Letter of recommendation's purpose is to get an idea about you from the eyes of another person who's spent significant time working with you and who knows you well. that's what should come out of a good letter and for that you don't necessarily need that person to be precisely in Theoretical Physics.
i've talked to the profs and they dont mind recommending me if i do good this year.....they have asked me to look for some groups in germany, i've looked one at leibniz university http://www.grk1463.uni-hannover.de/index.html, and one in hamburg...are there any more good groups???
Very good for the letters... I think in this way it will do... also because in Germany they take who they believe will work well and hard, without too much fuss about admittance selections and so on... they will probably interwove you in some way (like skype) and then if they are satisfied they will hire you.
As for other groups, well it depends on what you want to focus. Anyway look in the Planck institutes to see if there is something which could appeal you. And the best way is to go on the website of the theoretical physics departments in the various universities and look what the professors do. This also because you will apply for the position with a professor, you have then to decide in advance with whom you want to work. And as well it ca be a good way to see if the topics they do research on are good for you.
Anyway, as for strings applied to GR and so on, there is Gia Dvali in Munchen also (http://www.en.physik.lmu.de/research/specialties/high-energy/index.html)... and in general take a look at positions in Munchen and in the south as well, there aer good groups... also try Heidelberg (http://www.thphys.uni-heidelberg.de/index.php?lang=e&n1=research)
And good luck
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There are many groups in Germany. Do you have some specific research topic in mind?
There are many groups in Germany. Do you have some specific research topic in mind?
i've not decided exact topic what i want to do. it might be related to string theory or something in THEP. i've learned about a structured phd in germany. can you suggest some groups offering such courses???
What you mean with structured PhD?? And perhaps it is better that you understand what you want to do something more in particular... as for what you said, more or less ALL universities everywhere offer something... in this case, start pointing universities in Germany, look at the websites of the groups, see if they offer some topi you may be interested in and see which professor does offer that... then write emails, tons of emails... probably most will be no goes, but somewhere you might get lucky and find someone willing to give you information and perhaps a position... at least it worked for me (I'll be in the UK though, anyway the way is this one, professor, send an email explaining your situation and telling you would like to work with him, impress him, the trick is done)
What you mean with structured PhD??
http://www.research-in-germany.de/dachportal/en/Jobs-and-Careers-in-Germany/Info-for-PhD-Students/Structured-Programmes.html [Broken]
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http://www.research-in-germany.de/dachportal/en/Jobs-and-Careers-in-Germany/Info-for-PhD-Students/Structured-Programmes.html [Broken]
Well, I didn't know about this possibility... the only way I see is that you read well the website you posted (with all links to other pages, at least the ones which are not broken) and see what they offer.

Anyway, as I advised you before, ASK around, don't be scared to contact professors you may be interested to work with... when it came my time to apply for the PhD (which I will start in three weeks) I wrote a ton of emails... most came unanswered or telling me "thanks for the interest in working with me but I have no positions open now sorry"... anyway a couple was successful and I ended up with two offers, one of which I had to reject... so ask, they will not eat you, the worst that could happen is that they never answer...
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