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PhD in Quantum Computing?

  1. Feb 5, 2014 #1
    I want to do a PhD in Quantum Computing. Which universities in English-speaking countries have prominent research groups in this field?

    Most universities I checked have a Quantum Information group, and they usually mention the term "Quantum Computing" somewhere on their website, but it's not very clear how much research is actually done in Quantum Computing.

    I would like to study at an institution where there are at least 2-3 potential supervisors who perform active research in Quantum Computing and are willing to take new students. (I plan to begin my PhD in the 2015/2016 academic year.)
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    The term "Quantum computing" covers many different areas of physics, simply because there are so many different types of qubits. Hence, a PhD for someone working on ion traps would be very different from someone working on say superconducting qubits; but they would both be working on systems that could potentially be used for quantum computing in the future.

    The only people that work on QC as such as theorists, simply because they do not have to worry about implementation. The ones that I come across that do that type of work mainly have a computer science or math background and they not neccesarily interact with physicists that often.
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