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Math Phd maths searches a job in finance

  1. Apr 19, 2012 #1
    I'm going to finish my PhD in maths in a few next months. I'm looking for a new job for the future. I really exciting in looking for a job in Finance. But, I don't know where is the starting point. I have learned a course on maths finance when I was in master program. So I understand a little bit about maths finance. But roughly speaking, I am null about maths finance and finance. I heard that there are many Phd in maths who come to work for financial corporations or bank, etc. I don't know how come they can do that? If is there anyone who knew about how it is and what is the strategy to get a job in finance corporation, please help me out!
    Thank you very much for your information!
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    As with any job, networking.
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    twofish-quant has posted a number of useful threads regarding searching for and applying to finance jobs. One of the key themes he brings up is that many finance jobs, specifically those seeking a PhD in a highly quantitative field such as math or physics, do not actively advertise, so networking is important, or send off resumes to the right recruiters/headhunters.

    I believe he has provided a list of known recruiting sites where you can post your resume (I don't remember them offhand, but you can do a quick search of twofish-quant's handle and you should be able to find them).
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    Thanks guys! I have read some posts of twofish. That are great advices! I still have one question that C++ is really important? Before when I was in master, I did not bad at code in matlab, since then I didn't code anymore cause I do kind of math pure, unless draw some figures in matlab which is a part of my job (just for illustration). I'm not bad at algorithm but I'm totally null at some other program such as mapple, or language C++, etc. Is it a big problem for me if I apply for a job as a quantitative resercher or etc in Finance? Is it the main requirement of the employee profile?
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    I'm not an expert by any means on this (twofish-quant and others have direct experience working as a quantitative analyst in Finance), but from what I understand, much of the work for such analysts involve extensive algorithm development and programming, often using C++ (possibly also Java, lesser extent MATLAB), so yes, I think it is important for you to have at least a decent understanding of programming in that language, among others.

    My suggestion would be to spend some on your own brushing up on your programming skills through self-learning. There are plenty of materials online available, as well as books to get you started (again, others have posted about this, so you may want to search the forums for recommended materials).
  7. Apr 23, 2012 #6
    Thanks agains! I have started learning C++, it's not too complicated as I thought!
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