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Phisiology: What does it Take to do the Cossack Dance?

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    Hi, just curious, I think this is a question on physiology. What does it take to be able
    to do the Cossack dance , in the first 8 seconds or so of:

    It seems impossible for me to even move when I am in that position, in my knees, let alone being able to jump around while stretching out my legs. If it is not too difficult, I would like to give it a shot and learn how to do it myself. Is it an issue of developing the right muscles , e.g., pelvis, thigh and below? Maybe flexibility of knee ligaments? Anything else?

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    It is not simply about developing muscles or flexibility, although those are definitely components of such movements. In general complex movements such as those are learned by training, likely using specific drills, stretches, exercises and practice. Not that this helps you much with your specific question, but I just wanted to get the point across that movements are trained for in a complicated manner to acquire the strength, balance, flexibility, coordination etc. required to perform them. On a fundamental level it is the same as any type of training requiring specific movements ie gymnastics, basketball dribbling, dancing and so on. Basketball players do not train like gymnasts do, although they may have some of the general fitness modalities in common.

    You are better off finding someone local who teaches this type of dancing or going on websites which focus on this sort of dancing. Those sources will surely have some specific advice about learning this type of dance (drills, stretches, exercises and such).
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    Thanks, Yanick.
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