Phone Line No Dial Tone, But Works with incoming calls

  1. I hope someone here can help me with this. I have only one phone line at home,Verizon landline, with a regular phone connected to a wall, and a panasonic cordless 5.8ghz phone with extra handset. Everything works fine 95% percent of the time but 3 times in the last month when I wake up in the morning the phone has no dial tone. When I pick up the phone all I hear is nothing. However, when somebody calls in it works fine. Their calls DO NOT go straight to voicemail or anything, the calls come in just fine. After I receive that one call in the morning, then the phone is back to normal and everything is OK. of course when I call Verizon they say they check the line from the office and there is no problems and tell me to call when it happens again. Everytime I try, someone calls or something and then I cant get verizon on the line fast enough, so I am coming here for help. Does anyone have any ideas? Ive tried all the basic troubleshooting, disconnecting all the phones, plugging them back in one at a time, and so on, and still it does not work until someone calls me. As far as I know this has only happened overnight, between lets say 11pm -8am, but it could be happening during the day without me being aware.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. I doubt it's the phones themselves, but you could try with a known working phone. Also get someone to check out the home wiring.
  4. timeing suggests DEW getting in a cracked covering
  5. get a new phone
  6. P.S go to the verizon sale office
  7. Folks,

    Was there ever a solution to hello123's initial post? I have exactly the same problem and its been going on for months. In fact, even when the dial tone does come back and a call is placed, the call keeps getting disconnected.

    Please let me know if there is a known solution

  8. This may not be your problem but I have had problems something like that.
    I cannot say for sure but it may be a problem with the grounding of your phone line circuit. Poor grounding may be the problem.
    Again this is only a maybe but it may be worth checking. This grounding may come and go due to a poor connection.
  9. Thank you for your suggestions. Do you know what I need to do to check the grounding?
  10. ya grounding also make this problem once i suffer but also check all the phones receiver are kept properly it too affect like this
  11. A device something like this may help.

    It may not indicate a bad ground but may help in checking other things.
    The outside telephone box where your phone line comes in your house should have a wire coming out of it to a rod in the ground or sometimes it could be grounded to a water pipe. You system should be grounded there. Check these connections and make sure all wiring in the house is connected well. Like I say this may not be your problem but it should be easy to check.
  12. Fantastic! This could be just what I have been looking for so I can test the line and let the telephone company know if the problem is obviously at their end. I will pick this up from HD.

    Thanks very much for your help!
  13. There is another reason why it does that. Wire Tap. And of course, your telephone company will run you around in circles because it is against the law for them to tell you why your phone and/or DSL is not up to par.

    Good luck man. Big Brother is watching you (Patriot Act)
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