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Photo of the new amp in the case

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    Hi Guys,

    This was my first attempt at trying to make a case and covering it. I made a few mistakes and learned a good bit about the process. I think I learned enough to do a good job on the next one. Education is never cheap...lol

    The amp is basically a AB763 with a few mods. The current speakers are two Celestion vintage G12M from the 1980s. I ordered Weber D12 and also Weber NeoMag to experiment with. The NeoMag is Weber's take on a JBL D120F. They should be here is a week or two.

    The reverb is still producing more noise when it is turned up than I am happy with. Other than that the amp only starts to produce a very small amount of hum/hiss when the volume is turned up past 90%. I am not sure just how to reduce the reverb noise.


    I had no idea when I started these amp building projects how many hard to acquire skills sets were involved. I think lack of precise planning has caused the greatest number of issues. We live in a world of specialization. Perhaps my attempts to "do it all" myself is a very steep mountain to climb.


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    Looks like your case came out nice and I;m sure you'll figure out the electronics issue too.

    Its not so much learning new skills as we often know what to do but gloss over the details. Once when I was a preteen, I built a toy amphibious vehicle out of plywood. It was small around 6" or so, but it never occurred to me that when cutting the wood for the front and base that I needed to factor in the thickness of the wood and bevel intersecting edges. Consequently I had a boat with a hole as long as the seam between the two pieces that I had to use some putty to cover it up and no more plywood to cut new pieces from.

    Nowadays duct tape would have solved the problem and looked cool too.
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    LOL...being a "redneck" from Texas I fully appreciate the use of duct tape. I my case, even duct tape won't fix stupid...lol
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    Looks very nice. Well done.

    I am about to start on a 5E3 Deluxe clone. It is my first kit and I bought a pre-loaded turret board to reduce the opportunity for cock-ups. It is going in a Laney AOR30 shell so I already have the transformers and 6V6 output valves. Sounds easy...
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    The 5E3 is fun to build. It is a bit tight inside the chassis. Try to find a 3 watt 5000 ohm dropping resistor. The ones that come in kits are sometimes only 2 watts. The original Fender schematics showed a 5 watt.


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