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Photon detector used in Young's Double Slit experiment?

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    I am trying to recreate Young's double slit experiment and I can't figure out what he used to detect the photons. In some things I read it says he used a photographic plate. However, these are outdated and no longer available. Any ideas?
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    Thomas Young did his experiments around 1800. Photography with light-sensitive plartes was invented in the 1830s. Therefore Young could not have used photographic plates.
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    Would Kodak film for a disposable camera work and closely replicate his results?
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    What's the necessity of that photon detector. I bet he wasn't attempting to use invisible light to do that experiment.

    Are you trying to talk about double-slit of electron interference? Electrons cannot be viewed with naked eyes, but that experiment was done during the 20th century.
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