What is Young's double slit: Definition and 110 Discussions

Young's interference experiment, also called Young's double-slit interferometer, was the original version of the modern double-slit experiment, performed at the beginning of the nineteenth century by Thomas Young. This experiment played a major role in the general acceptance of the wave theory of light. In Young's own judgement, this was the most important of his many achievements.

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  1. H

    A Probabilities of couples of impacts - Bob and Alice and Young experiment

    Let O be where pairs of EPR particles are emitted to Alice on the righr and Bob on the left. the pairs have a constant total energy, a null total momentun and a null total angular momentum. Alice at a distance D on the right of O have a Young double slits device with a screen at D+ L . Bob has...
  2. H

    I Young's Double Slit Experiment: Is it Possible?

    I think that it is harder to describe the two slits Young experiment in terms of hamiltonian because the particle has a constraint: to pass through the slits. is it possible? thanks.
  3. tanaygupta2000

    Young's double slit experiment

    Since slit-2 = 4 × (slit-1) Hence amplitude, a2 = 4a1 which gives i2 = 16×i1 So i(max) = i2 + i1 = 16i1 + i1 = 17i1 & i(min) = i2 - i1 = 16i1 - i1 = 15i1 => i(min) /i(max) = 15/17 but there's no such option. Kindly help me to figure out where am I doing error.
  4. S

    I Young's double slit experiment -- Question about this wavefront diagram

    Hello, I have a question about the blue waves coming from sources S1 and S2 in de next picture. The blue waves from sources S1 and S2, are those two resulting waves (interference of all wavelets, Huygens Principle) or are those blue waves two wavelets?
  5. sincosine

    Young's double slit equation problem

    Hello guys i have one problem and i can't find right solution. In some notebooks for destructive interference it says Δx=(2k+1)*λ/2, and it doesn't make sense for me because if i insert k=1 it will be 3λ/2 and it should be λ/2. And also for light diffraction d/2sinθ =λ/2, this one is correct...
  6. A

    Number of maxima in Young's double slit experiment

    I honestly do not have any idea regarding this sum. Any help will be appreciated:)
  7. F

    B Order of a dark fringe in Young's double slit experiment

    So the angular position for constructive fringes is d \sin \theta = m \lambda = (2m) \frac{\lambda}{2}, \qquad m=0, \pm 1, \pm 2, \ldots whereas for destructive fringes we have d \sin \theta = m \lambda = (2m+1) \frac{\lambda}{2}, \qquad m=0, \pm 1, \pm 2, \ldots I can see that ##m##...
  8. C

    Young's double slit experiment

    I know that ydse is based on interference of light when it passes through an obstacle having almost same aperture as the wavelength of light. Also they should be coherent to have a constant phase difference at every point. But I don't get why the light beams should be parallel?
  9. B

    Question about Young's double slit equation

    im assuming the double slit can also be used in the diffraction grating equation. Would the number of lines per meter aka the d value be 1/2 for example in this case also? If both were in one meter.
  10. A

    I Coherence, Young's double slit experiments.

    In most textbook/internet explanation of light coherence, it gives two conditions 1) monochromatic light, same frequency. 2) light in phase or constant phase difference. Only with the two conditions can light interference pattern be observed in the double slit experiment. But this cannot be...
  11. P

    A Young's double slit experiment with excited atoms

    i would like to find the detailed calculation in the case of a two slits experiment with an excited atom. i only found the formulas when it decays near the slits. have you links? thanks
  12. S

    Young's double slit experiment green laser

    Homework Statement If a green laser is (wavelength = 532nm) sent through two slits with a separation of 127 um, how wide (in total) would the 11 green dots formed be if they were projected onto a screen 1.25m away from the slits? Refer to this diagram sorry for bad quality...
  13. S

    I Young's double slit: why fringes gets dimmer and inconsistent?

    Hi all! In Young's double slit experiment, there are two things I cannot explain. Any help is appreciated! The first one is why the bright fringes get dimmer as you get further from the central/brightest spot. My theory, after looking in the two books I have, is that each single slit decreases...
  14. EF17xx

    Statement slit separation young's double slit

    Homework Statement For accurate measurement of the fringe separation, a small as possible slit separation should be used. Homework Equations s=λD/d The Attempt at a Solution Why is this statement correct ?
  15. D

    B Different size slits in Young's double slit experiment

    Hi all I was wondering what happens if one slit in youngs double slit is bigger than the other? I recon that the of maxima will rise and in minima, there will be no dark spot, but dim light instead. Is that correct? If not can you please explain what happens? Thanks
  16. PumpkinCougar95

    B Young's Double slit experiment with different slit sizes

    What would happen if a youngs double slit experiment is done with different slit sizes? I get the feeling that the intensity might never be zero as the waves might never cancel out completely. Am I right? How should I analyse the Intensity? Would I have to do something like what is done while...
  17. Physics345

    Thomas Young's double slit experiment

    Homework Statement a) Explain why a pattern of bright and dark fringes visible on a screen when a light is shone through a double slit. b) Upon using Thomas Young's double-slit experiment to obtain measurements, the following data were obtained. use this data to determine the wavelength of...
  18. A

    Young's double slit experiment with two sets of slits

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known da Homework Equations Interference minima is asinΘ=nλ/2 where n=1,3,5,7... [/B]The Attempt at a Solution Putting ab/(2sqrt(b^2/4+d^2))=λ/2 for first order minima And solving for d I get (b/2)*sqrt((2a/λ)^2-1) in which only the 2 factor...
  19. I

    Limitations of Young's double slit experiment

    Homework Statement From a procedure standpoint, our experiment consisted of a laser pointer on a retort stand with a holder, shining through a piece of sheet with slit measurements (I believe it's acetate) and measuring the height of the maxima on a whiteboard. What could be improved with this...
  20. I

    B What are some limitations to Young's Double Slit Experiment?

    From a procedure standpoint, our experiment consisted of a laser pointer on a retort stand with a holder, shining through a piece of sheet with slit measurements (I believe it's acetate) and measuring the height of the maxima on a whiteboard. What could be improved with this experiment?
  21. I

    B Slit Distance - Young's Double Slit Experiment

    I understand Young's Double Slit Experiment, which basically consists of pointing a laser through two slits and seeing the maxima with different brightness, caused by constructive and destructive interference respectively. Through the experiment, I know that increasing the distance between the...
  22. terryds

    B Young's Double Slit Formula

    In Young's double slit formula, the equation is d sin \theta = m \lambda Which means that sin \theta = m \lambda / d But, what if d < \lamda so the sine value becomes greater than 1? Will there be any interference?
  23. M

    What are the errors in Young's Double Slit experiment?

    Homework Statement I am having troubles trying to figure out systematic and random errors when conducting Young's double slit experiment. Homework Equations NA The Attempt at a Solution I have found one error which could be correct, it is the fact that the laser was not at right angles with...
  24. Cocoleia

    Young's double slit experiment with the source being a slit

    Homework Statement Here i am asked to find the phase difference. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I know that usually the equation is mλ=asinΘ
  25. M

    Young's double slit-halving amplitude?

    Homework Statement Hi, For the Young double slit experiment, say I have a plane wavefront approaching the double slit; now, if I halve the width of one of my slits, will the amplitude of the light exiting that slit be halved as well? Homework Equations None directly relevant I know of, but...
  26. S

    Young's double slit experiment help

    1. The statement, all variables and given/known data Hi I'm doing this experiment where we need to find the wavelength of our laser light source. I am unsure what the variables IV and DV would be and the controlled variables? Also how will I make the graph? I'm in AS level so please don't make...
  27. JohnGaltis

    Young's Double Slit with 2 Wavelengths variant

    Homework Statement A point light source is used in a Double Slit experiment. The light source contains two wavelengths(500nm and 600nm). Separation of the two slits d=1mm. Two sets of interference fringes are formed on a screen. Find the angles θ where bright fringes are formed for both the...
  28. vetgirl1990

    Phase difference between waves in two-slit model

    Homework Statement In a double slit experiment, the distance between the slits is 0.2mm and the distance to the screen is 150cm. What is the phase difference in degrees, between the waves from the two slits arriving at point P, when the angular distance of P is 10 degrees relative to the...
  29. vetgirl1990

    Finding the angle of phase difference - two slit model

    Homework Statement Light of a wavelength 548nm illuminates two slits separated by 0.25mm. At what angle would one find the phase difference between the waves from two slits to be 2 rads? Homework Equations σ / λ = ΔΦ / 2π σ: path difference λ: wavelength Δφ: phase difference The Attempt at a...
  30. E

    Young's Double Slit - Low intensity

    Homework Statement Having recently completed an experiment on Young's double slit experiment for both high and low intensity light; I am having trouble writing conclusions in the report. In one part of the experiment I know I was firing only one photon at a time down the tube, and I achieved an...
  31. Priyadarshini

    Young's Double Slit Experiment

    When the slits are made narrower (but with same separation) why are more fringes produced? If the slits are narrower, less light enters, so less light interferes with each other, so lesser number of fringes should be produced, isn't it?
  32. libbytam

    Young's double slit experiment

    Homework Statement In a Young's double slits experiment, a monochromatic light source of wavelength 700nm is used and the separation of the slits is 0.1mm. If 15 bright fringes are observed, what is the angle subtended by those fringes at the centre of the double slit? A. 6.0° B. 5.6° C. 5.2°...
  33. D

    Young's double slit experiment: Determine thickness of mica

    Homework Statement A sheet of mica ( approximate 6-7 µm) covers one slit of a double-slit apparatus and has a n= 1.582. There is a central maximum of 539 nm. What is the exact thickness of the sheet of mica? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I think you can solve this with the...
  34. W

    Quasi-Monochromatic Light and Young's Double Slit Experiment

    Homework Statement A quasi-monochromatic beam of light illuminates Young's double-slit setup, generating a fringe pattern having 5.6-mm separation between consecutive dark bands. The distance between the place containing the apertures and the plane of observation is 7 m, and the two slits are...
  35. R

    Effect of source slit in Young's Double Slit Experiment

    What is the effect on the interference fringes in Young's Double slit experiment when the source slit is moved closer to the double slit plane? I have seen you people @DrChinese , @Cthugha , @bhobba helping in these kind of topic before. Can you help here? It would be great if others also can help.
  36. L

    Young's double slit and radio antennas

    Homework Statement antennas can both receive and emit electromagnetic radiation depending on wetter their connecting cicuit is monitored for, or driven by a current. the pattern of emitted radiation is identical to the pattern for absorbed incident radiation. As shown in the notes, far-field...
  37. T

    Covering 1 slit in Young's double slit experiment

    What happens if we cover 1 slit in the experiment? Will it become a single slit experiment?
  38. Prashasti

    Young's Double Slit Experiment refraction

    Homework Statement Young's double slit experiment 'd' - Separation between the two slits 'D' - Separation between the double slit and the screen 'S' - Source (Primary) (It is coherent) S1, S2 - Secondary sources Δx - Path difference between the two rays coming out from S1 and S2 Δx° - Path...
  39. S

    Young's double slit experiment

    Homework Statement In a Younf's double slit experiment , the intensity of light at the centre of fringe pattern is I. If one of the two identical slit is now covered , the intensity at the cnetre ANS is 0.25I. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution In my opinion, it should...
  40. Feodalherren

    Young's Double Slit: Find Min. Plexiglas Thickness for Dark Spot

    Homework Statement In a Young’s double-slit experiment using light of wavelength λ, a thin piece of Plexiglas having index of refraction n covers one of the slits. If the center point on the screen is a dark spot instead of a bright spot, what is the minimum thickness of the Plexiglas...
  41. S

    Radio Antennas and Young's Double slit

    Homework Statement Two radio antennas separated by d = 294 m as shown in the figure below simultaneously broadcast identical signals at the same wavelength. A car travels due north along a straight line at position x = 1 290 m from the center point between the antennas, and its radio...
  42. P

    Diffraction gratings and young's double slit experiment

    Just a question about the naming of optical phenomena. I've taken these explanations from a book I'm using: Diffraction is when a single wave passes a slit or obstacle and spreads out. The single wave produces a diffraction pattern. Interference is when we have more than one source of...
  43. B

    Monochromatic light vs Laser - Young's double slit

    Hello, I have a quick question about the distinguishing features between a 'monochromatic light source' and a laser. In my notes on wave optics, I have a diagram of monochromatic light being diffracted through a single slit, to produce a coherent wave formation that then hits a double slit...
  44. junfan02

    What happens if the screen in young's double slit experiment is replac

    What happens if the screen in young's double slit experiment is replaced with a photoelectric material? Electrons should be emitted only from regions where constructive interference occurs! Doesn't that mean in this case light will depic both wave and particle nature? That is clearly not...
  45. B

    Young's Double Slit Experiment lab

    In class we did a lab regarding the wave nature of light. We pretty much conducted Young's double slit experiment. For the lab we were supposed to establish the relationship between the distance from the slits to the viewing screen and the distance between successive maxima. Can anyone...
  46. P

    Young's double slit interference

    Homework Statement In a young's double slit experiment the slits have the same width and are separated by a distance a. an observation screen is placed at a distance L=1m from the slits at a point on the screen a distance y from the optical axis the optical path difference between the 2 waves...
  47. resurgance2001

    Young's double slit gone wrong

    Hi Everyone I was trying to do a young's double slit experiment with green laser. The gap between the slits was d = 0.001m The distance to the screen was D =1.2m We counted from the center 10 bright fringes m = 10 The distance of the from the center bright fringe was y = 0.067...
  48. R

    Young's Double Slit Experiment - Good Set Up?

    Hello, I'm trying to set up an experiment to measure the distance between tracks in a CD, using only 3 items. I can only use a cardboard box, a ruler, and a laser pointer, and I will be using a double slit. So I'm thinking I will cut two slits in the carboard box, place it in front of the...
  49. S

    Young's double slit and coherent light

    Hello all, I was looking through my textbook on the double slit and it talks about constructive interference occurring at path differences of m \lambda and destructive interference occurring at path differences of (m + 1/2) \lambda where m is an integer. This is obvious if the waves leave the 2...
  50. C

    Young's double slit experiment vs single slit

    Why did Young specifically perform a double-slit experiment to demonstrate the wave nature of light, since light will diffract and interfere even through a single slit? Is there something special demonstrated by the double-slit experiment that's not demonstrated by a single-slit experiment...