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PHP PHP - Wrong datatype for second argument

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    PHP - "Wrong datatype for second argument"

    So I build this class in my library file (assume that I have all the PHP tags and stuff)...


    class errorchecker {

    var $error;

    function errorsearch($error) {

    if (in_array($error, $pb)){
        echo '<div class="error">'.$error.'</div>';

    Where '$pb' is an array I have created, that gets assigned a new string given a certain set of conditions. Thus, I wanted to use this object to check for certain strings in an array, and if it's there print out another string.

    Then on the main PHP page, I create an instance of the object and attempt to use it as such...


                $one = new errorchecker;       
                $one -> errorsearch('String I want to be searched for');

    but it doesn't work, and I get slammed with

    "Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in directory on line xxxx"

    Which points to my function errorsearch above. What am I doing wrong (it also does this if I just use a function)? This is my first time writing in PHP, so apologies if I missed something stupid.
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    Re: PHP - "Wrong datatype for second argument"

    Try doing vardump($pb) inside the errorsearch function... is you array defined in there? Otherwise, do you maybe need to define it within your class or make it global inside the function?
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    Re: PHP - "Wrong datatype for second argument"

    I solved my own problem shortly after posting this....

    I made it global and that worked for me.
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