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Phyiscs or mech eng better suited for energy study

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    I am currently a physics math major with a strong interest in solar energy. I am early enough in my degree to switch majors. My intention is to pursue graduate study but I want to make sure I am on the right track.

    I wanted to know what was a better fit for career researching and working with solar energy for the purpose of energy generation. I am concerned since it seems the only way phyiscs really works in is on the material science from and I am not really interested in that aspect of the process. I want to research buidling devices that generate power from solar. Is that out of the stomping grounds of advance physics degree. I am worried that I would just be studying the property of a specific piece, rather than the whole system that makes it work.

    any insight much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    What kind of solar are we talking about here? Photovoltaics, solar-thermal, solar-thermolysis?

    Your going to find this no matter what route you go. No one person does everything in commercial projects.

    If you want to work on improving photovoltaics I suggest you go the physics route in the field of condensed matter and/or material science. If you want to work on anything else solar powered then mechanical engineering is probably your best bet. Although I have heard of electrical engineers developing PV cells as well.
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