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Physics Physical Chemist - Molecular Biophysics Research

  1. Jul 29, 2010 #1
    Now I'm undergrad student, majoring in Physics.

    But I think I prefer to be a physical chemist and want to be a university lecturer in department of chemistry.

    My research field is molecular biophysics and I need to have a basic knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry, but now I'm in Physics department. I think I'm in the wrong way.

    What should I do?
    If I continue study BS in Physics, is it difficult to change to chemistry in MS and PhD?
    or is it better to change my major now? (I have to study 5 years to do that)

    (Sorry if my grammar is wrong. I'm Thai and I use English as the second language)

    Thank you.
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  3. Jul 29, 2010 #2

    I have a lecturuer at University that worked in the Chemistry deparment and recently swapped to Physics; as there is a lot of overlap he could get away with this. I studied a combination of Physical Chemistry and Physics as an undergraduate and I would say that my chemistry courses were very similar to that done in the Physics department.

    However, I did no organic Chemistry and only a little inorganic. If you want to work as a physical chemist I can't see why you would need to know organic/inorganic? If it is only a 'basic' knowledge of these topics then you can pick this up from books on your own.

    I would stick where you are and maybe do some extra-curricular activites that demonstrate you have an interest in the Chemical side also. That way, when you apply for Masters you can demonstrate an early interest rather than just a fickle switch in goals.

    All the masters/PhD courses I have seen usually ask for a suitable undergraduate course, it's not specific as to what that might be, Physics/Maths/Chemistry are all similar disciplines in the respect that they develop logical skills and the use of the scientific method, proof, etc. so I doubt you would have problems applying for a Physical Chemsitry post graduate course.
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    P.S. Just to add, Physics pays a lot more than Chemistry at the academic level, which I suspect was the motivation for the Chemist to switch to Physics at my University.
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