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Physical Chemistry: Atkins or Levine?

  1. Dec 13, 2013 #1
    Good evening guys,
    I have to decide whether to purchase Atkins or Levine for my physical chemistry learning? Personal experiences with the textbooks are encouraged.
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    I found Atkins a horrible book. Let me give you an example: He starts out to introduce temperature via reference to the ideal gas law, and remarks, that a precise definition will be given later. Later, he defines entropy as S=Q/T and finally claims that now he can define T as dU/dS, which is obviously circular. Generally with thermodynamics, it is quite hard to make out a structure. There are many preliminary settings and it is hard to find a final definition.
    Of Ira Levine, I only know her book on quantum chemistry, which is excellent.
    One of my personal favourites is the book "Physical Chemistry" by Walter J. Moore.
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    I liked Moore Physical Chemistry
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    Moore is classic but very old. It is at the macroscopic level & might go well with Bruce Mcquarrie's book.
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