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Physical chemistry textbook without a lot of calculus

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    Hi, I am looking for any physical chemistry textbook without a lot of calculus. I have been looking at physical chemistry for biological sciences but I am unsure if they cover the same topics as the regular atkins and other physical chemistry do. Does anyone have any suggestions for good books, or can tell me whether pchem for biological sciences books cover the same pchem topics?

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    You probably won't find any books dedicated to physical chemistry that don't include calculus; there just wouldn't be enough material to make a book.

    Try looking for a generic chemistry book that goes over everything. I have a book called Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity by Kotz & Purcell that is roughly 1200 pages, and about 100 of them are for physical chemistry. Most books are the same, so it really doesn't matter which one you get.
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    Generally, you won't see a lot of calculus and deviations in your chemistry textbooks.
    and I dare to say, there is much less derivations in chem than physics !
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    Your comment is irrelevant. Calculus derivetions in books is not knowledge....knowledge is getting the concept and then applied them to real world problems.
    Anyway, both physics and chemistry are physical sciences and rely heavily on mathematics. And to be honest, QM is the only part of physics which is mathematical rigorous.. And others? well, not so much.So back off a little bit.
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