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A Physical significance of growth rate in plasma

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    Let us say that we have a dispersion relation curve and associated instability curve as shown below for a magnetised plasma, which have been formulated through kinetic theory. The frequencies and growth rate have been normalized w.r.t. cyclotron frequency of proton.

    My question is: what does this both plot physically signifies?

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    You have marked your thread with an "A" tag signifying post graduate level ....
    So what study / readings have you been doing so far ... show some links
    show us what parts of them that you do not understand so that people here might
    be able to help you
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    This kind of graph appears at many places where one invoke kinetic theory to study plasma. E.g. kindly see research article at:
    1. https://www.cambridge.org/core/jour...-instability/86419F5E132B4437D6DDAD0469179B6C
    2. https://www.cambridge.org/core/jour...e-ion-plasma/2685E71532119D417D1C6B8E1FE23FD7
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