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Physics degrees taught in english in europe?

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    I am wondering if anyone knows of any universities in europe (excluding the UK) which offer bachelor degrees in physics that are taught in English, perhaps with an inclination towards theoretical physics? There must be a few of them around, but i'm not aware of any! I do know of a few universities that offer Graduate degrees in theoretical physics taught in English (University of Utrecht for example) but i'm interested in 3 and 4 year Bachelor/Master degrees. Thanks.
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    bump... some1 must know of some...
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    It's a split bag in Holland - some offer English lectures if there is a bit of demand but it's not compulsory.
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    If you consider turkey as european country then over there are 4 main universites in which physics is taught in english.

    1. Middle east technical university
    2. Bogazici University
    3. Bilkent University
    4. Koc university
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    I believe NTSU in norway is taught in english, in fact I believe all norwegian universities are taught in english (and free)
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    Physics (Bachelor Degree) Taught by English in Europe

    hello there,

    As your question, how's going ?

    Actually i 'm looking for almost same thing,

    I,m looking for Physics ( Barchelor Degree ) Taught by English in Europe,

    Could you find out any?

    I also could find master degree courses,, but not barchelor yet'

    so if you have any nice information for this, i would like to know,
    So please let's me know.

    Good Luck ;)

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