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Physics Education in South America

  1. Jul 27, 2014 #1
    I am doing a research for the top physics universities in south america. By a collection of 'comments' from various physics professors, I arrived to the conclusion that the best physics bachelor programs are in Argentina, specially the Faculty of Exact Sciences (Facultad de ciencias exactas) of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, which, as I was told, has the top average GRE scores from its graduates.
    Two other universities with very good physics programs are Sao Paulo University (Brazil) and Balseiro Institute (Argentina).

    This thread is for commenting anything you know or heard about the quality of the top physics programs in south america compared with the 'top physics universities' in the world. Please base your comments in facts rather than beliefs.
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    A number of my professors and colleagues were from Argentina and Brazil. They are ridiculously well trained, well published, and friendly people.
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    According to Wikipedia, Juan Maldacena did his undergrad studies at the Instituto Balseiro.
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