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School math/physics education in USA/Canada compared to Europe

  1. Dec 1, 2017 #1
    For what I know, there is a very big difference (if not a gap) between how math and physics are studied in USA/Canada vs in the Europe (and I am afraid not only in the Europe, but nearly the whole world, Africa and South America included).

    What makes North American education special is that very many topics are postponed until the later grade comparing to the other countries, that creates a gap which I can estimate as 2-3 years average between formal level of knowledge (at least in the middle grades) here and in the Europe (not including some singular topics where the difference may go even further). I still do not know how the final results (after the high school) are compared for America and Europe.

    Of course, there are many other differences, which I could elaborate, but I just wanted to point out on some very major.

    I believe, such topics were already discussed here, so I am not raising this as a new issue for any discussion, but rather am asking for links to some existing forum discussions of the issues of this kind.

    My personal situation which made me interested in this topic is I live in Canada and having realized the situation, I decided to provide some additional math training for my son (10 yo.). Now, I do not know whether it will benefit him or not, he is not much bright in math and making just more boring math for him may bring more harm than use. Because of this, I need to understand the situation better, like whether learning some math/physical stuff ahead of the school program is really necessary in America to get any adequate preparation for high school/university, or, alternatively, I should rely on the system, however it scares me.

    So, I basically need not to learn what IS the difference, but rather what people think about this difference and the situation generally.
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    If you son is not interested in pursuing a career in physics or math related than there is no need to worry as long as he understands what he is learning through the schooling system.
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