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Physics games

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    Does anyone know of any good online physics games or simulations?
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    thanks guys this will keep me busy for while.
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    these are so good stuff! thanks for sharing!
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    physicsgames.net cant give a more obvious answer then that lol
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    There's a game called Crayon Physics....on computer and Iphone...and it's really fun.
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    i got another game called Armadillo Run....it's a 3d game, with the goal to make the ball like armadillo reach the goal place from the start position with the help of suitable materials. You can control the tension's in strings and materials too....and overall, it's really really interesting.
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    I don't think I learned any physics from these, but I'm sure the programmers did. nice diversion though!
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    They're games based on mechanical physics, such as Newtonian mechanics and other classical ideas. They aren't meant to teach you physics.
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    This is an amazing game. But sadly it isn't free. It is similar to crayon physics, but way too cool.

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    It's available for iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, and Linux. It's $10, but it really is entertaining. If you're knowledgable about orbits and how they react, it has a relation to physics. The basic idea behind the game is the laws of motion.

    You are controlling this bubble in a closed arena. There are also other little bubbles in the arena. Your objective is to consume all the bubbles. When you consume the bubbles you get larger. You move your bubble by clicking on the screen. Clicking will shoot out a small bubble in the direction you click and you are propelled in the opposite direction. There is also gravity involved, elliptical orbits, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

    Oh, and it's called Osmos by Hemisphere Games.
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    Nice, I really wanted to be good in Physics but I just couldn't get it. I really feel bad.
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    open source physics has many physics simulations not games but still cool.

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    can any of them simulate fluids?like water,air,air pressure etc. can any of them simulate a barometer?
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    Try www.newton-world.net [Broken]. It's a simulator I made for my physics class, though it's mostly for elementary physics concepts.
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