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Puzzle video games make up a broad genre of video games that emphasize puzzle-solving. The types of puzzles can test many problem-solving skills including logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving, spatial recognition, and word completion.

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  1. tony873004

    Can You Master Orbital Motion in This Physics-Based Space Game?

    Inspired by Atari's arcade game "Lunar lander", I wrote a game for my Physics students to help them understand the Gravitation and Satellite Motion chapter. Although anyone can quickly learn to play the game, the advantage will go to those that develop an intuitive feel for orbital motion and...
  2. P

    Could Games be the Most Effective Strategy of Learning Physics?

    As you can see, children of this generation really misuse a games purpose. When, you can study things, and find out the comparisons of the physics to the "law of physics". You see, you can find the gravitational acceleration in just a building game. I'll speak more later
  3. C

    Video Game Graphics and Physics

    I was numerically solving the wave equation earlier just to produce a simple illustration of a vibrating string and my computer was working pretty hard. Then I realized how many video games nowadays have such awesome graphics with things like water, waves, motion in general, etc... Are these...
  4. N

    Programs Picking up CS major very late in the Physics game?

    I have currently completed the requirements for my Physics BSc major and have completed a math minor and only have two classes left to complete my CS minor. This late in the game I have been doing a lot of thinking and have decided that graduate school in physics seems like the wrong path for...
  5. C

    How Does Gravity Work on Halo's Ringworld?

    Now I've played this awesome game recently, called Halo: Combat Evolved ( I'm sure a lot of people have played it already). It's based on intergalactic warfare. A lot of adventures of Master Chief (the main guy) happen to be around on this ring shaped planet-sized thing called the Halo. And...
  6. M

    Book about physics simulations and game dev in F#

    Hi! I am Giulia, and I hope the following message is of interest to some given the topic.* I have just co-authored a book: "Friendly F#, fun with game programming and XNA". The book aims at teaching the F# language through a series of samples that are fully centered on physics simulations...
  7. S

    Movie/game physics you wish would be accurate

    Are there any common movie physics mistakes that you wish would be changed into something more realistic?
  8. P

    Programs Late to the game - do I have a shot at a physics PhD?

    Late to the game -- do I have a shot at a physics PhD? Hello! I've decided that I want to switch careers and work toward a physics PhD (ultimately more interested in research than teaching). Here's my situation: I studied electrical engineering at an ivy league school with a 3.75 GPA. Got...
  9. D

    Approximate Space Physics for Online Game

    Hi, I'm an indie game developer working on a free online puzzle/simulation game set in space. The object of the game is to move, resize, push, pull and otherwise manipulate celestial bodies to solve problems, like putting a planet in a stable orbit or accelerating a satellite to near...
  10. Femme_physics

    Physics/Mechanics Computer Games

    (wasn't sure where to post this) Hey guys :) Are there any physics/mechanics computer games (i.e. for the PC). A friend of mine has shown me a game where you build bridges with trusses and ropes and a train passes through it. If the bridge isn't well-constructed, it'll break! That game is...
  11. D H

    Physics paper guessing game: Are you worse than a monkey?

    The concept of the game: You are presented with the titles of two papers. One paper is a real one posted at the arXiv. The other is fake, with the title automatically generated using a context-free grammar. Your job: Guess which is the real paper. After guessing you will be presented with...
  12. X

    Developing a game that requires a physics engine with little knowledge

    Hello, This is my first post and if anyone can direct me to any links that would help I would appreciate it, but I'm having trouble understanding this on my own. I am developing a game with a physics engine and the scope I have in mind would require these calculations. I understand some of...
  13. thrill3rnit3

    Math Computational mathematics/computational physics and the video game industry

    Can I use a computational maths/physics degree to work in the video game industry?
  14. M

    Calculating Velocity Vector After Polygon Collision - Madison

    I am currently programming a 2-dimensional game and am creating a class that will allow for collision detection with any polygon defined by a set of points. The actual collision detection was easy, however i am having trouble coming up with an equation to describe the resulting velocity vector...
  15. T

    The physics of the classic game Asteroids

    I am currently in 9th grade and am a programmer, however trigonometry is next year... You could probably consider the engine of Asteroids "basic physics", so will post it here... Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am creating the classic arcade game Asteroids with XNA Game Studio by...
  16. S

    What kind of physics game can I make for a software competition in Visual Basic?

    Hello. I'm entering to a software competition and I need to create an educative game, so I want to make it with physics. Anyone have an idea, suggestion or anything on what kind of game I could make. Thanks in advance P.S: I'm in 11th and the game is made with Visual Basic
  17. vincentm

    Quantum Physics for a portable game console

    I own a Sony PSP, and am curious as to how it works on a quantum level, from knowing what part the electrons in the circuit board work to what part the photons play in me being able to see what's displayed on the screen.
  18. S

    Rigid body motion and game physics

    I am just playing around with physics simulation in c++... and my latest obsession is simulating rigid body motion (specifically rotation) with no external torque, for now. The equations of motion in question are the 'Euler equations' which relate the angular acceleration (omega-dot) around any...
  19. E

    Online Physics Games & Simulations

    Does anyone know of any good online physics games or simulations?
  20. T

    Studying Studying physics, but want to be a game physics programmer

    Hello all physicists/engineers! I am currently in my last year of college and will be leaving to go to university next year (in the U.K). I am having real trouble deciding whcih course I want to take, so just to be on the safe side I have decided to take physics, just plain physics (maybe...
  21. B

    Game Physics Book Content Request

    Hi, I am writting a book about programming game physics engines, much along the lines of "Game Physics Engine Development" by Ian Millington, however the focus of the book is Networked physics engines. At the current time I have not been able to find a great deal of literature on...
  22. A

    Making an Informed Decision on Physics Engines for Games

    Hi I was wondering which of the following titles I should buy with regards to building a fairly simple physics engine for a game idea I have. I don't want to rush in I want to spend my money wisely. The titles are (roughly) as follows: Real Time Collision Detection Game Physics Game Physics...
  23. 0

    Tri-Achnid, an Adobe flash physics-based game

    Tri-Achnid, an Adobe flash physics-based game http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=tri-achnid&btnG=Google+Search I just think that this is the best piece of media I have seen in a very long time. It is hard to maneuver your tri-achnid at first but it is cocaine once you get the hang of it...
  24. Gokul43201

    Physics Q&A Game: Calculate Minimum Power for Man-Powered Helicopter

    A Q&A game is simple: One person asks a relevant question (it can be research, calculation, off-the-top-of-the-head, anything as long as it is a physics question) and other people try to answer. The person who posts the first correct answer (as recognized by s/he who asked the question) gets to...
  25. marlon

    So You Want To Be A Physics Game Programmer ?

    Lots of students are wondering about the possibilities of being a physicist in professional life. I have posted an entry on this in my journal ('what is a physicist'). On the following page : https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&journalid=13790&action=view I have written a...
  26. T

    I've dumped video games for physics

    I've dumped video games for physics... and chemistry and calculus. Basically I'm concentrating on school and surprisingly having fun with this stuff. Especially Physics. Isn't that cool? :smile:
  27. chroot

    Physics Q&A Game: Exploring Faraday's Law with Marcus' Polar Route Question

    Just like the Astronomy Q&A game in the Astronomy forum, let's play a physics Q&A game here. The astronomy game has certainly taught me some very neat facts -- maybe this one will do the same. I'm going to post one question posed by marcus: "A favorite version of the question chroot just...