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Physics graduate in need of career advice

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    Hello, my name is Israel and I have a B.A. in physics from California State University Stanislaus. I graduated in 2011 in the worst economy ever and in the worst part of the U.S. to be hit by the great recession. I have substitute taught in every subject in K-12, but I am looking to get into the field in electrical engineering. I have an interest in E&M and digital and analog circuits. Any career advice or lead on a job would most appreciated.


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    Welcome to PF, Israel.
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    I advise going to school for electrical engineering. A MS or a BS, depending on your background and your local university's requirements.

    Assuming you have a similar basic knowledge of circuits that all physics grads have, I don't think a company would be very willing to take the time to train you up to the EE BS level when they can just hire a real EE BS. But maybe you have some experience and skills beyond the basics. What is your experience with circuits and did you do research as an undergraduate?
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