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Physics Physics: Honors, Specialization, etc What to pick?

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    I am in my second year in the general science program in my university in Alberta, Canada. By the end of this school year I am supposed to declare my major/minor/specialization/etc. The only problem is that I am not totally positive yet what I want to declare. I know you guys are just going to tell me to go talk to a career guidance counselor at my school, and I will. I have an appointment booked for next week. I just wanted some extra knowledge heading in there.

    Now I have been debating between three specific programs: Geophysics, Specialization in physics, and Honors in physics. The Honors program requires a 3.0 GPA, which I am eligible for after my first year, and the specialization requires a 2.3. The geophysics program only requires that you take specific courses and maintain a 2.0 or higher. Now my real dilemma is that I am very interested in taking geophysics, but I am wondering if there would be any benefits to taking one of the other two choices instead. i.e. with a spec./honors degree, am I still going to be eligible to apply for jobs that would normally call for a geophysicist? My thinking is that, yes, I will be able to, and that I should in fact choose one of these two in case I change my mind against geophysics in the next two years and want to keep some opportunities open. If not, will applying for specialization or honors even give me an edge in landing a job after my degree compared to if I declared Physics major/Math minor and stuck with a Bachelor of general science?

    Anyone mind giving some advice? Thanks in advance.
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    judging from the name, I think Honors is still the more general path. Since it sounds like you are still not totally what you want to be doing, the most versatile path is probably the better option so that one day when you do find out, switching to that particular specialization or programme will be the least difficult
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