What is Honors: Definition and 80 Discussions

An honors student or honor student is a student recognized for achieving high grades or high marks in their coursework at school.

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  1. Athenian

    Is Joining an Honors Society (Phi Beta Kappa) Beneficial?

    Recently, I received an email from my university notifying me that I have been selected to be a Phi Beta Kappa member. The email, to say the least, had a way to shower an excessive amount of praise and make a lot of promises related to how PBK (Phi Beta Kappa) can propel my chances of success in...
  2. ErectBaguette

    Schools UCSB CCS vs PSU Honors: Academic Achievement

    Is there any difference on a purely academic basis for my undergraduate years in terms of how much I can achieve?
  3. J

    Courses Physics Honors Thesis: Impact on Grad School

    Does writing a good honors thesis increase a physics major’s odds at getting into a highly ranked graduate school?
  4. TJGilb

    Physics Are Baccalaureate Honors worth pursuing in my situation?

    Hello everybody. I'm graduating with my bachelors in physics in a few weeks. My conundrum is that while I meet the GPA requirements for Magna Cum Laude, I am a few credits shy of the 90 matriculated requirement. If I were to extend my graduation date to the summer, I could take one additional...
  5. T

    Other Should I continue on with my school's Honors Program?

    I am a first year undergraduate student at a state school, and I am currently enrolled in my university's honors college. Completing the honors college would require just about a gen ed per semester, while I am almost complete with my gen eds at the moment. I am fairly certain that I want to go...
  6. P

    Studying What's wrong with my study habits?

    When I was taking normal Algebra 1 and Geometry, I always Aced my tests. (Even without doing homework). However, I decided to bump myself into Accelerated Algebra 2/Precalculus in order to take Trig/CalcA in the summer and AP Calc BC senior year. I'm naturally good when it comes to understanding...
  7. Isaac0427

    Courses Is Skipping Honors Physics Beneficial for Aspiring Theoretical Physicists?

    I am currently in 9th grade. My plan is to take honors physics (only algebra based, has algebra 2 as a coreq) next year, but I'm wondering if it would be benificial to skip it and go straight to AP physics C instead of taking AP chemistry that year (I'd do AP chem the next year when I was...
  8. Ashley Deaton

    Schools High school student struggling with Honors Chemistry

    Hopefully this is the pot of gold I have been searching for on getting help. I am a Sophomore. Over the course of this entire school year I have really struggled through my Honors Chemistry course. I really don't know what it is, I will say the lectures bore me to death, but I power through them...
  9. I

    Programs SFU Honors Physics vs uAlberta Physics Major

    Hi PhysicsForums, I just finished my second year at a Canadian community college (Langara) with a 3.8/4.33 gpa for the year and am currently weighing my options for universities. The universities I'm considering are uAlberta, SFU, and uVic. As I understand, the physics programs at these...
  10. circulos meos

    Schools Does Honors status impact admissions for grad school?

    So I am in my first year of my physics degree at a school that isn't really known for its physics program, (I don't believe it is ranked at all, not that that is a huge deal) and at least right now I am very interested in pursuing a ph.d degree. I had originally intended to do an engineering...
  11. T

    Texas A&M or Texas Tech Honors for undergraduate?

    I have the opportunity to attend both universities. Obviously Texas a&m is a more respected college on the face value, but what about the Tech honors college? Does that change the 'prestige' and chance of graduate school admissions? Also, Is it better to have a higher GPA at a less prestigious...
  12. R

    Idea i got in honors chemistry

    im only 17 and have recently joined an honors chemistry class and i found that people are trying to make new elements. now i have already heard about this before but recently i have been interested. i don't know if this has been tried before i don't know but i was wondering if you take element...
  13. C

    [Physics Honors] Finding magnitude

    Homework Statement A 60 N block sits on a ramp slanted at 30 degree. A horizontal force is applied to the block to prevent it from moving. What is the magnitude of the force? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I found the normal force to be 51.96 N (checked it with the answer) and...
  14. S

    What are some open problems that would make a good honors thesis.

    I'm interested in topology/differential geometry and before I eventually graduate I am looking to complete an independent study in the subject. What are some open problems that would be a good fit for an undergrad like me?
  15. B

    Schools High school honors vs college honors?

    I'm a senior in high school right now. My guidance counselor called me into his office and he told me that I'm graduating in the top 20% of my class and my overall GPA from all four years of being there is 3.5. So he told me that I'm eligible for a scholarship and I should consider applying...
  16. T

    Should I Pursue a Thesis for Latin Honors in Engineering Physics?

    Is "Latin Honors" Worth It? Currently I am a second semester Junior Engineering Physics major at CU Boulder. As I have just dragged my GPA above a 3.0, and I have been considering attempting a thesis. At my school, completion of an excellent independent research thesis, even at a GPA...
  17. M

    Projectiles Honors Homework: Find Time, Horiz Dist, Vel at Impact

    Homework Statement An arrow is fired from the top of a 60 m high cliff. It is fired at 80 m/s at a 30 degree angle above horizontal. a)Find the time of the arrow's flight from start to impact. b)Find the horizontal distance the arrow travels. c)Find the velocity of the arrow(magnitude...
  18. QuantumCurt

    Suggestions for Calculus I honors projects?

    Hey everyone, I was hoping I could get some input on this. I'm taking an honors section of Calculus I this semester, and part of the course involves a cumulative honors project. It has to be a minimum 8 page paper, at least a third of which has to be actual calculations, about a topic that...
  19. A

    Bloomsbury National Honors Society

    I received an email from this particular honor's society requesting that I join. Has anyone on here heard anything about it? I have a 4.0 gpa with 57 credit hours, and they say that only a select few members are inducted each academic year, but . . . you know how that goes.
  20. C

    Prestigious Private School vs Honors at State Flagship

    Over the last week, I have been beating myself up over picking which undergrad school to go to. I have been admitted to the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern and the College of Science and Engineering and the Honors Program at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. The main...
  21. N

    B in Diff Eq Honors or A in Non-Honors?

    Should I take Diff Eq honors which goes deeper and broader into the material and obviously has harder test problems and risk getting a B or C or take regular where I will probably get an A? What sucks is given enough time I can eventually figure out the hard honors problems but since tests have...
  22. R

    NEED HELP with my honors physics

    1) A woman is driving up an inclined section of road at an angle of 10 degrees. If she is coasting up the incline, meaning that friction is zero since her tires are rolling and not sliding, determine the acceleration of her car. Can somebody help me solve this? THANKS.
  23. J

    Electricity & Magnetism Honors Project Ideas?

    I am going into my fall semester of E&M and am trying to decide upon a topic to write about for an honors project. I have not taken an E&M course yet so it is difficult for me to really find which topics are too advanced scientifically or mathematically at this point. So far I have taken a...
  24. D

    Accelerated Honors vs Normal Calculus

    Hello everyone. I've been looking into joining my university's honors calculus course. I graduated high school with Calc 1, and Calc 2 completed, but I didn't do too well because, I didn't apply myself as much as I should have (senioritis). I received a 3.0 in Calc 1, and a 2.4 in Calc 2. Do you...
  25. T

    Is honors linear algebra worth it?

    Hey everyone, I'm majoring in physics and will be starting my first year in the fall. I'm currently registered in honors linear algebra, but have been thinking that it might be beneficial to take the regular linear algebra course. I'm also in honors calculus, but I know I want to stay in that. I...
  26. Z

    How to get into Honors Analysis at UChicago?

    At my high school, I've already taken AP Calculus BC both Physics C exams, and I got fives in all of them. My school doesn't really have any other hard courses, so I figure I could spend my senior year doing a lot of self-studying. Would Spivak's Calculus and Velleman's How to Prove It be enough...
  27. S

    Courses Taking Honors Diff eq after shaky Calc III and Linear Alg courses

    Hi. I took Calc III and Linear alg over the summer. The course was 6 weeks and we did not cover everything in each chapter. From Calc III, we didn't cover things like curl, divergence, and Green's Theorem. In Linear Algebra, we didn't do orthogonal functions, diagonalization, Eigenvectors, or...
  28. P

    Schools Taking an honors physics class at a local university while in high school.

    So I am participating in a program that allows me to take classes at a local university and the counselor suggested that because I plan to go into physics when I go off to college (I will be a high school senior next year) it would be a good idea to take the honors introductory course that is...
  29. U

    Physics1 honors vs astronomy regulars?

    A couple of my friends are going to switch out of physics honors for astronomy because they think its much easier and I want to know if it's easier. I did a little research and both use trigonometry so why would they go into astronomy ? Thoughts?
  30. O

    Honors Freshman Mechanics Book?

    I'm a freshman Physics major, currently studying intro Electromagnetism. I've recently started trying to get ahead of my school curriculum, so I'm working my way through Purcell instead of Giancoli, which my class uses. Anyway, I'm loving Purcell. It pushes me, since I'm not used to problems of...
  31. N

    Difference Between Honors and Regular Math Classes

    I am not in the honors program at my University but I really want to get good at math so I was thinking about perhaps enrolling in an honors section for the Discrete math and Linear Algebra classes I'll be taking next fall. It seemed like the greater depth that these classes go would be really...
  32. G

    University Honors Program Yes or No

    Hi, When I was in high school I took a lot of hard courses and was also involved extra curricular activities with a full 12 seasons of sports, I was also in a couple of clubs. As a result however I was absolutely miserable and hated high school, due to a lack of sleep among other things. All...
  33. D

    Solving Exercise 5 Algebra II Honors

    I don't get the wording of the problem. What does it mean find the equation? Problem: Find the equation of the secant line through the points (x, f(x)) and (x2, f(x2)) for parts (a)-(e) in Exercise 5. There is no work because I don't know where to begin. Just as an example, (a) in...
  34. D

    Algebra II Honors Homework Help

    The inverse of f(x)= k(-x^3 -4x -9) is a function and f^-1(7)=1. What is the value of k? Work is a picture: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=29xj4i8&s=5 Mod note: Too large picture deleted Final Answer: k= (4y+10)/-7
  35. P

    Egg Drop Project: Honors Physics

    My class has been assigned the egg drop project, and I need some help/info on how to go about it. Objective: to design a container which will protect a raw egg, when dropped. Apparatus: 1. Each container must meet the following specifications: a. Maximum mass- 20g...
  36. P

    Programs PhD from a bachelor of science (not honors)

    Ok, so I'll start with some background. I went to a very small school which didn't offer IB or AP or Honors classes, and was at the top of my math class (I finished pure math 30 with a 97% and calculus with a 93%). This is my first year university (University of Alberta - Canada) and I am in...
  37. E

    Its a mistake to pursue for Physics honors in India

    Its a mistake to pursue for Physics honors in India ! Hi.. It is Arnab aka Esteban-Pato... I m doing Physics honors under the university of Calcutta, India and is in my 1st year... The tremendous passion towards Astrophysics and Cosmology from my very childhood has attracted me to take...
  38. H

    Honors pre-calculus homework, help

    honors pre-calculus homework, help! Homework Statement find the sum of the roots of the equation (x-1)^1/2 + (2x-1)^1/2 = xHomework Equations I have no idea, I just started a pre calculus course about 5 weeks ago and our teacher gave the people in honors problems we've never seen before so I'm...
  39. M

    The Differences between regular, honors, and AP physics

    Hey everybody, I am in high school and have an interest in physics. I am wondering what the major differences are in these types of classes, usually. I am advanced for my age at math and I have a decent foundation on physics. Thanks!
  40. S

    Physics Physics: Honors, Specialization, etc What to pick?

    I am in my second year in the general science program in my university in Alberta, Canada. By the end of this school year I am supposed to declare my major/minor/specialization/etc. The only problem is that I am not totally positive yet what I want to declare. I know you guys are just going to...
  41. L

    Physics grad classes or math with honors

    Hey guys, So I'm a physics major who wants to go to grad school in theory. My current preference is high energy theory but I'm open to other fields of course. My question is, if I want to go into theoretical physics or any very mathematical field of physics is it better for my grad school...
  42. K

    Honors physics intermediate force question

    Homework Statement Question: An object traveling at a constant speed of 22m/s begins to experience a force of 15N in the opposite direction of its motion. (Hint given: Start by finding objects acceleration) a. How long will it take for the 8kg object to come to a complete stop once it...
  43. K

    Honors physics basic projectile motion question

    Homework Statement Question: Inbar and Luc are captured by angry natives on a desert island, after their plane crashes. They need to jump over a pit filled with snakes. They jump up at an angle of 23 degrees and need to land 8.7 meters away in x. What does their take off speed have to be? The...
  44. C

    Electrostactics- honors physics problem

    Homework Statement Four point charges of equal magnitude q = 6.4 X 10-19 C are placed at the corners of a square with side length a = 10 cm. Calculate the electric field at P, the center of the square, if q1 and q4 are positive and q2 and q3 are negative. (Use GUESS method.) Answer E =...
  45. C

    Honors physics dynamics question?

    A rope is used to pull a 100 kg crate up a 25 degree, 3 meter long ramp. The tension in the rope is 850 N and the sliding friction along the ramp is 360 N. If the velocity of the crate at the bottom of the ramp is 1 m/s, how long does it take for the crate to make it to the top? What would...
  46. V

    Engineering Physics vs. Honors Physics

    Hi,I am trying to decide between the engineering physics program and the honors physics program at my university. The engineering physics program at my university is fairly similar to this one: http://www.engphys.ubc.ca/courses.html . The honors physics program is fairly standard. My...
  47. 1

    Programs Applied Math Degree: Honors or Minor in EE?

    I'm doing applied math w/ many EE courses. I can count them either toward an honors or minor. So my options are: 1) BS applied math w/ honors 2) BS applied math Minor EE Which looks better if I might apply to EE grad school? Thanks all!
  48. F

    Pros/Cons of the Honors Math/Physics program?

    So, its kind of a hard decision, just looking for opinions. I assume its more suited to theoretical stuff than Honors Physics, but if you just take Honors Physics will it still teach the mathematical methods necessary if one decides to go into theoretical physics? One major difference I've...
  49. F

    Programs Does Pursuing an Honors Degree Boost Grad School Prospects?

    My school has a regular 4 year physics major and another 4 year 'Honors' major. There is a more stringent selection of electives and I think it is more in depth in general. I assume it would be a good idea for me to do it but I'm just curious if the decision would have any bearing on grad school...
  50. S

    Schools Florida Atlantic University's Honors College and math and physics

    Hello members of physicsforums! I had not ever planned on making use of this section of the forum because I had joined primarily for the wonderful homework help facilities here, but I figured that since I already have an account here I might as well. Needless to say, I am a little nervous...