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Testing Physics I - Final Exam - In 2wks

  1. Aug 6, 2007 #1
    Hey friends from the phyics forum... I have been recently struggling with physics I all semester.... and now I am already to the Final Exam which is 50 questions - multiple choice and it is worth 50 % of my grade. Which to me is like basically passing or failing the class and having to repeat it. I just want people insight and help if any on this.. I wish I knew about this site before, Im not asking for answers, just suggestions and any help you can give me to pass the course and do well! Here is what the 50 question multiple choice - 50 % final exam is on :

    Vectors & Scalars
    Uniform Linear Motion
    Uniform Circular Motion
    Newtons Laws of Motion
    Linear Momentum
    Statics and Equilibrium

    To some of you, these topics may seem very easy, and some are, but I just have trouble taking formulas and flipping them around and using them the proper way, also our professor loves throwing in conversions and little things students can miss, so I end up getting like the biggest answers and it ends being wrong. Anything will help, I have a good 2wks to prepare, I know I can do it, sample multiple choice exams, anything guys, save ME -- I WILL WORK FOR IT - I PROMISE.

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  3. Aug 6, 2007 #2
    I think the best way to study is solving problems from your textbook. Try to solve the easy ones first and then the hardest, if you have trouble ask your professor or to a tutor.

    Basic things you should know are:

    -Vectors (resultant forces, magnitude and direction, components of x and y...)
    - Kinematic equations (how to get all equations using integration)
    - Newtons Laws
    - Conservation of Energy and Momentum
    - Equilibrium

    Physics I is hard, I know from my own experience. In my Physics I class only 9 students (including me) finish the class, the rest give up and withdraw the course.

    Well..Good Luck and start studying
  4. Aug 6, 2007 #3
    Go over the solved problems in the textbook to start with - most books have a few worked example problems distributed through the chapter. If you get stuck, it's easy to see where you went wrong.

    It's also worth looking to see if there are old final exams from the course that you can practice on.
  5. Aug 6, 2007 #4
    In my experience with physics I, the most underrated study tactic is actually reading the chapters. It took me 2 tries to pass Physics I. I don't think you will understand how to work the problems without understand the principles behind what you are trying to accomplish. Just my experience.
  6. Aug 6, 2007 #5
    true that, reading is just as important as doing the problems.

    lots of ppl in my class just consult their notes ... it's funny that they think that the teacher goes every single concept that they will encounter in the homework and exams.

    the material is tough, but you just have to fight it! i don't understand what i read at times, but then i do the problems it begins to make sense ... and vice versa.
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