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Homework Help: Physics Kinetic and Static fricton problem

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    You need to move a 235 kg refrigerator away from the wall to clean behind it. The sliding μ is .375 and the static μ is .535. You can apply a force of 1250 N.
    a) How much force will it take to move the refrigerator.
    b) Once it is moving, how fast can you accelerate it.

    Can someone please explain step by step I don't even know where to begin with this problem.
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    You are given two different coefficients of friction, one for sliding (kinetic) and one for the initial movement (static).

    More force is required to overcome friction initially for an object that is static than is required to continue the motion.

    1) Try and calculate the force of static friction on the object with the static μ.

    2) Since its moving calculate the force of kinetic friction on the object with the kinetic μ.
    Now a little more work is required but just remember that F=ma.
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