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Physics major having second thoughts

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    I'm a 4th year student in my second year as a physics undergrad. Having changed my major 4 times, I decided to settle on a subject and chose physics, which I do enjoy. However, the more I think about it, the more interesting engineering, specifically mechanical engineering, seems. Changing my major a 5th time, especially at this stage, is out of the question, but what sort of options do I have in getting a physics degree but finding a career that involves mechanical engineering, and is graduate school for engineering with a degree in physics even possible?
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    Actually, I think it was ZapperZ (not sure) that had an excellent point on physics careers in a post in Physics Post (it's linked fromt he main page even, I believe).

    With a physics degree, you can pursue mechanical engineering still. The article even suggests taking non-physics-required courses that may compliment your career (in your case, mechanical engineering).

    I personally think Physics is something that gives you a broad spectrum of cohcies, which is why I eventually chose it as a major. (I changed my major psychologically several times, but remained technically undeclared until I was sure about physics)
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