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Physics major looking for some advice

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    I am a physics major at UCF and currently have decided to pick up a math minor. The physics program is requiring calc 1,2,3 and differentials. The math minor is the same + a 3000 level course + a 4000 level course.
    I decided to take matrix and linear algebra as the 3000 level elective. I am leaning towards taking Mathematical Modeling I for the 4000 level course. I heard recommendations of Linear algebra, but this class requires a proof class and the linear matrix class to take. I would satisfy the minor without it. Should I suck up the extra time and do it?

    I am currently completing calc I and plan to take Calc II and Phy I over the summer. In the fall then I would takes Differientals, Calc III, Phy II, Intro to C Program, and Macroeconomics. In the spring I would take PHY III, the matrix/linear algebra course, intro to theoretical physics, a gen ed, and an undecided 5th course.

    I was wondering if I could receive some advice. I am still at a point I could basically switch to any science major without any problem almost. Would you recommend not doing physics? I have been leaning towards almost everything but chemistry. I was interested in the information technology majors but worry about those being possibly low income?

    Is there any minors you would recommend? Computer science? Would an information technology minor be a waist of my time?

    ^^ Thank you
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    Programming is needed for any Physics Major, so get comfortable with it. It is not a waste in my opinion. You can do a language minor for fun
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    What programming focus should i do? I have several options:

    Major prefers Intro to C for the general ed requirement, going to consider this as required.

    Current plan of specialization:
    Astronomy but UCF is not exactly offering any astronomy courses currently. (Only 1 of like 5 required)

    Or I could switch to Specialize within computer science:
    computer science I + II
    computer methods in physics
    numerical science

    Information Technology Minor:
    Computer Science I
    Intro To C
    *Pick 3*+1 More/elective (Some other possible electives, not exactly listed, I assume the specialization covers it)
    Internet applications
    Database concepts
    computer architecture concepts
    computer systems concepts
    desktop/internet publishing

    Astronomy Choice: 5, Computer Science: 3

    Computer Science Minor:
    My current understanding is that a computer science specialization can earn the minor.
    intro to C
    Intro to object oriented programming
    computer science I and II
    Introduction to discrete structure or foundations of discrete mathematics
    Comp. Organization

    Astronomy Choice: 5, Computer Science: 3

    I'm not that worried about completing all 5 if they do actually OFFER the astronomy classes. Would the information technology become to far off into another field? Or should I just skip the minor and target specific classes.

    You can do a language minor for fun
    Foreign language? Noooo. NO. That is not fun lol. :( You have to force me to take one of those.

    Just wondering opinions :)

    Currently going to take intro to c and see how I like it. I'll ultimately decide on how I do on the class :)
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