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Physics undergrad, something else graduate

  1. Jun 5, 2014 #1
    I'm going to type where I stand in life, and I intend to be a little open ended. I hope to learn from how you would proceed if you were in my shoes.

    I'm a junior in physics, older than average, and am about to start a second major in electrical engineering.

    I have an amazing tendency to mess up on tests, and, in general, I do not feel particularly smart compared to my classmates. I am managing to hold above a 3.0 in my physics classes, however. This, to say the least, has me quite afraid of physics for graduate studies.

    I've fallen into an interdisciplinary life science research lab over the summer, and I absolutely love it. The material, at least compared to what I was expecting, feels easy. Best of all, I find it interesting, I feel like I can actually make scientific progress here. I want to continue with this lab as an undergraduate at the very least. If I go to graduate school, it will be with this lab. (They do a lot of things, more or less related to systems biology.)

    I was never expecting to do well in school. I was intending on pulling a 2.0gpa and teaching high school (something I still want to do later in life).

    Graduate studies in physics is what I want to do (at the very least, I want to take graduate E&M). Although, I'm rather hesitant about the idea. I'm afraid of failed out. I'm sure there are other programs that I would also enjoy, and have less stress along the way.

    What other graduate programs would I be able to get in? How do graduate programs even work?

    Thanks for your time!
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    If you managed to publish with work in that lab, then systems biology, or even biophysics graduate programs, will be doable.
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    I think a BS in physics can lead to many graduate programs. There's Biophysics, Medical Physics, Computer Science, Medical School after taking MCAT etc.
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