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Piezoelectric Pressure/force sensor

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    Hi all,
    I have a piezoelectric pressure sensor from KISTLER instruments. (http://www.intertechnology.com/Kistler/pdfs/Pressure_Model_211B.pdf). I am pretty new to this field and wondering how to process the signal from these sensors? I have data over a 3 minute span from this sensor(taken at 1000 samples /s) from one of my tests and i could observe a number of signal peaks. The sensor is calibrated to 50 mV/psi. .. So should i be extracting these peaks from the data and then convert it to corresponding psi values?
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    I would plot out all the scaled data points; pressure (psi) vs. time (seconds). What pressure sensing application do you have in mind? You can pretty much use the data any way you want.
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