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Plan to take 'engineering physics' next semester, how much Calculus will I need?

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    New to Physics Forums, been browsing a while!

    I'm a student trying to get in to a Mechanical Engineering program, currently in Calculus I. I plan next semester to enroll in 'Engineering Physics' which, as far as I have heard, is general physics taught with Calculus instead of relying solely on Algebra/Trig. Two classes are offered, Engineering Physics I and II.

    Any thoughts on this? Will I be able to grasp the whole of the class having only completed Calculus I and taking Calculus II concurrently?

    Physics really peaks my interest and all this is to say, I just don't want to take the class too early, struggle some, and miss out on something having not had enough background in the language of the math involved. Thanks!
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    "Calculus-based" intro physics courses usually use calculus mainly to simplify certain concepts and derivations, and not much in exercises and homework. If you understand the basic concepts of derivatives and integrals from Calculus I, you'll be OK.
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    Thanks, I'm doing the best I know how to right now, still early in the Calculus semester. Reading from multiple books on the subject, trying to really get a good understanding of the concepts.

    I'm eager to start next semester already, and see what this physics class will be like, but I should probably put it aside for now, focus on the present...
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