What is Plan: Definition and 195 Discussions

A plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with details of timing and resources, used to achieve an objective to do something. It is commonly understood as a temporal set of intended actions through which one expects to achieve a goal.
For spatial or planar topologic or topographic sets see map.
Plans can be formal or informal:

Structured and formal plans, used by multiple people, are more likely to occur in projects, diplomacy, careers, economic development, military campaigns, combat, sports, games, or in the conduct of other business. In most cases, the absence of a well-laid plan can have adverse effects: for example, a non-robust project plan can cost the organization time and money.
Informal or ad hoc plans are created by individuals in all of their pursuits.The most popular ways to describe plans are by their breadth, time frame, and specificity; however, these planning classifications are not independent of one another. For instance, there is a close relationship between the short- and long-term categories and the strategic and operational categories.
It is common for less formal plans to be created as abstract ideas, and remain in that form as they are maintained and put to use. More formal plans as used for business and military purposes, while initially created with and as an abstract thought, are likely to be written down, drawn up or otherwise stored in a form that is accessible to multiple people across time and space. This allows more reliable collaboration in the execution of the plan.

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  1. Ffflovin_20

    Creating a Computer Graphics Career Goal: A Rough Plan for 960 Hours

    Goal/Background I've taken these courses before(from different college/sources but didn't resonate) So my current career goal is to get into computer graphics industry or research. Open to both game engines or simulation graphics Academic goal is to prepare myself for upcoming Computer...
  2. J

    Testing Should I take the qual if I plan to leave?

    Hi all, I'm a second year physics PhD student (in the USA) and I'm about to retake the qualification exam (failed my first time last year). I've actually decided a few months ago that I do not wish to continue on with the PhD after I finish the Masters part of the program. I am eligible for the...
  3. MexChemE

    Analysis Study plan for Functional Analysis - Recommendations and critique

    Hello, PF! It’s been a while since I last posted. I am looking for a critique and recommendations regarding my study plan towards Functional Analysis and applications (convex optimization, optimal control), but first, some background: - This plan is in preparation for my master’s thesis, I...
  4. A

    Intro Math Plan to revise my learned math & start learning pure math

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to review learned mathematics from high school & start leaning pure math. You can reply to red colored text if you don't want to read full thread. My math level : Graduates as engineer 10 years ago. Got A in Calculus 1 & 2 (Those were single variable calculus), Got...
  5. kyphysics

    Anyone Here Use Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan to Save $$$?

    I'm thinking of: a.) downgrading/sizing to a pre-paid/pay-as-you-go cell phone plan, instead of a fixed monthly one b.) getting rid of data plan You can buy prepaid plans for literally whatever (I think the minimum is like $3.00) amount you want and use minutes and/or data as you go. The...
  6. Xamaa

    Calculate the total energy required to fly a drone on this flight plan

    How much energy will drone batteries will consume if I have the following inputs, By using provided GPS flight path data I've calculated total horizontal distance using Haversine formula, and multiplying this distance with provided horizantal speed I've total horizontal flying time. By...
  7. B

    Help me use my library of textbooks to form a study plan

    Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well. I'm an ex-physics and math student, now getting my PhD in mathematical biology, and I've recently come back to the subjects because I miss them and feel like it'd be fun to get proficient in some of this again. I've been mostly working on building my...
  8. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Why should we plan Information Systems?

    So this is what given in book-: This is not just slide. This is exactly what is written in my book. I don't understand any of this. What I understand a bit-: Information System plan describe the structure of information system, content, of information system, how IS should be developed. IS...
  9. greg_rack

    Rocket Design: Egg-Safe Landing Plan

    DISCLAIMER: I am not entirely sure whether I should open this thread here or in #general, but I will try! :') Hi guys, I am a freshman in aerospace engineering and i have taken part into a competition consisting in engineering a rocket so that it reacher 1km altitude and manages to touch back...
  10. dlgoff

    Medicare Advantage Plan Commercials

    I'm so tired of TV commercials advertising to purchase Medicare Advantage Planes. When will they stop?
  11. M

    Studying I have some epic math goals and creating a study plan

    Summary:: Trying to become a warp drive pioneer. Yes, you read that right, lol. Hello I’m a math student, and need advice on what pre-requisite math subjects I need to study AND in what order I need to study them in order to achieve my short term math goals. I’m also looking for the...
  12. Astronuc

    NASA NASA - Venus Technology Plan (DRAFT) December, 2018

    This discussion relates to another thread on the feasibility of operating a nuclear reactor on Venus. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/could-a-high-very-high-temperature-nuclear-reactor-operate-in-venus.1003619/ Venus represents a hostile environment with a surface temperature of ~470°C...
  13. L

    MHB What is the correct formula for calculating savings plan?

    Hello! I am having trouble with this question. Please look at the image. I understand that I’m supposed to use the A = p *(1 + r/n) [(1 + r/n)n*y - 1] / (r/n) formula but I’m really stuck on this problem.
  14. RemotePhysics

    How can I improve my Experiment plan?

    Just completed my experimental plan for the question above and would like some feeback on what I can improve, and how I can fix any errors in my plan? Also please do let me know what you would have done differently if you had answered this question...
  15. anorlunda

    Almost Plausible Solar Takeover Plan

    This article: Overbuilding solar at up to 4 times peak load yields a least cost all renewables grid. I'm normally among those who think that renewable advocates lack realism when they advocate 100% wind+solar grid. This article is the first I've seen that comes close to being plausible. I do...
  16. A

    Misc. Paper folding manual machine - plan folding

    Hello everyone! I am trying to replicate a folding machine, just as a fun project for home use. I understand this simple idea of a folding machine, and I know which measurements I should take. The question behind this project that I simply can´t understand is the spring linear clamp which...
  17. D

    Calculate Reimbursement for Multiple Plans: A Healthcare Guide

    Summary: I work in healthcare and I have to come up with a formula that will correctly reimburse members their out of pocket costs in the correct plan when they are enrolled in two or more plans following the rules below: 1. All of the transactions for Plan A will count towards Plan B limits...
  18. 256bits

    Project Drawdown - Plan to Reverse Global Warming

    Usually it is just about the nasty oil, and goodness of electricity. Of the 100 solutions Project Drawdown has listed, some would not even be considered along with the more commonly known by the public at large https://www.drawdown.org/ From cultivation of rice ( number one crop of the world )...
  19. A

    Studying Self-studying plan for modern science

    Hey guys, I want to build a strong and straight plan for my next years of studying and once finish I am able to do something on my own and come up with crazy ideas and actually test them, build some awesome algorithms, all that cool stuff, but I'm kinda stumble so it would be nice if someone...
  20. S

    I What is the geometric plan for ALMA?

    I was watching a TV show about these telescopes being transported up to a high plateau in Chile. Looking at the Wiki page, it seems that they are to be arranged in random geometry, although maybe there is some pattern to the arrangement. Does being in some pattern - or being in a random...
  21. E

    Other Advice for Writing a Research Plan for a Postdoc Position

    Hi! I would like to apply to a postdoc position, but one of the requirements is to detail at least a 2-page research plan on a certain topic. I haven't worked on that topic specifically before, so, I would need to research it. However, this may take sometime to know exactly what to do, and I...
  22. astroman707

    Physics What should be my plan if I wish to do physics in Europe?

    I'm currently an undergrad in the United States, and plan on pursuing my PhD in physics. I'm most interested in astrophysics and cosmology, and an ideal job would be a faculty position. I really want to work in Europe, and am willing to choose another focus area of physics, as well as different...
  23. AchillesWrathfulLove

    What is the Truth Behind Unlimited Data Plans?

    I remember when I was a little kid we use to have internet that slowed down once you reach a maximum download and so the speed of internet would slow down same as downloading speeds. But now our lives improved so has the quality of our internet and now I can download as much as I want without...
  24. G

    Chemistry 35yo combustion chemistry PhD, free time and still no plan

    Hi there, TL/DR - I have a community college job with a sufficient salary. Should I be happy with that + freetime or should I try to get a job which really uses my PhD? If I go with happy freetime option, are any of the projects I propose interesting AND feasible? If I am too lazy to follow...
  25. Emir Shark

    Programs Returning to Physics: Study plan?

    Hi all, I am completely new to this forum. So allow me to introduce myself. I am currently paving my career as a mathematician, particularly in the field of probability theory and financial mathematics. I am currently pursuing a PhD in this subject and could not help but notice how closely...
  26. Eclair_de_XII

    Other Too early to panic about having no plan post-graduation?

    I graduate a year from now, and I've been thinking about the future... Specifically, I'm worried because I have no clear-cut plan for my life after graduation. I really want to enter the actuarial field, but have no tests done yet; I've been too focused on the classes I'm taking right now, that...
  27. BillTre

    A Plan to Make Artificial Shooting Stars

    A Japanese company wants to use a satellite to make shooting stars in 2020 for the Olympics in Japan. Later for the world.
  28. A

    Other Is repeating a year a bad idea?

    I am a physics freshman in Europe where we have 3 year undergrad programmes. I am just over the first year of Multiple Sclerosis and just when the school started in october last year, things went very very bad. I was super ready for UNI and I started off very well with awesome routines, but I...
  29. Spinnor

    SpaceX SpaceX's rival has 'genius' plan to cut rocket cost

  30. Buzz Bloom

    I Is there a plan for a search for nearby black holes?

    The thread https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/how-close-is-earth-to-the-closest-black-hole.939912/ reached a conclusion that there is a 65% confidence level that there is one black hole within 50 ly of Earth. The link http://www.solstation.com/stars/s20ly.htm says there are 25 stars bigger...
  31. amar654

    Algebra Is This Math Prep Plan Suitable for a Future in Physics?

    Hi. So my knowledge of math has regressed to very very basic. I want to start from the beginning and build a solid foundation. So the path I've created for my self before starting my uni education is; Algebra 1 and 2 Geometry Trig Pre Calc Calc And then once I get to uni ill start with...
  32. B

    Intro Physics Reading plan for self-studying parallel to classes

    Hi, I'm currently in "gymnasiet" in Denmark, which I understand is similar to high school in the US. It's what gives you access to universities, so to speak. After "gymnasiet", which I'm done with summer 2019, I'm planning on going to university for a physics degree. I'm currently taking...
  33. Z

    NASA NASA's Mars Plan May Include a Yearlong Mission to the Moon

    A group of astronauts may spend a year in orbit around the moon in the late 2020s as part of NASA's plan to send humans to Mars in the 2030s, agency officials said today (May 9). Greg Williams, NASA's deputy associate administrator for policy and plans in the agency's Human Exploration and...
  34. B

    MHB The Telephone Numbering Plan in North America: Counting Possible Numbers

    The Telephone Numbering Plan The North American numbering plan (NANP) specifies the format of telephone numbers in the U.S., Canada, and many other parts of North America. A telephone number in this plan consists of 10 digits, which are split into a three-digit area code, a three-digit office...
  35. P

    Automotive How Can I Optimize Airflow Across Different RPMs for My Motorcycle Engine Build?

    Ok so here it goes, I have a motorbike,and as I am a learning engineer I want to build a second engine for a few reasons, firstly I want to go faster secondly I want to do all the work myself to learn, thirdly I want to become a better engineer and want to do lots of paper work to learn and see...
  36. starstruck_

    Is this a good plan to pursue astrophysics?

    Hey! I'm a high school senior who has like 6 weeks left to apply to Universities and I really, really, reallyy want to pursue astrophysics, but my parents won't let me. They're forcing me into computer science because it has the best outlook. I tried explaining that my astrophysics degree will...
  37. DianaElQassim

    Studying Optimizing Your Math Study Plan: Tips and Textbook Recommendations

    I want to study physics, but I am really not that good in mathematics. I need some sort of a hierarchy or a study plan with good textbooks included. I want to start from the very basics, a study plan that covers everything from vectors, algebra, geometry, to calculus. If anyone could suggest a...
  38. S

    Books and Plan to Study Relativity (SR and GR) in Detail

    Hi, I am a Physics graduate and I am VERY mathematically inclined. (This does NOT mean I know a lot of math. My curriculum focused on experimental physics - which left me with a very keen desire to study all the mathematics involved - so I do need to start from scratch.) I would like to study...
  39. P

    I want to be famous, someone wants it too?

    Have you got the same dream? I got this dream since I was I kid What is your plan of reaching fame, money and shine? How to start bulding fame and reputation? You tube?
  40. StudentOfScience

    Studying Approaching My 10 Week "Summer" Study Plan

    If you want to read the pdf version of the document, it is attached to this post. Warning! You can say that this is a long post. Note that the questions can be found in the sections themselves or in appendix A Introduction I had planned to spend about the whole summer - about 10 weeks -...
  41. R

    Schools Advanced Math High School Plan - Need Advice

    Hi. Currently a junior in high school. I love math, and am currently either deciding between going into math or engineering. Because of this, I'd like to take as much math as possible and really challenge myself before I go to college. I'm currently taking pre-calculus at my school, but next...
  42. R

    Schools Need help - Developing a self study plan as a high schooler

    Currently a junior in high school taking Pre-Calc. Next year I'll be taking Calc 1, Statistics, and MAYBE Calc 2 (if it's offered in the second semester). I'm wanting to learn more math than I currently am however. I love math, and I want to have a very strong background before I go into...
  43. L

    How to Plan My Self-Teaching of Higher Maths

    Earlier this year, I became bored and decided to begin learning math beyond my grade level. I soon discovered that I had greatly underestimated my abilities, and I could teach myself well into calculus (currently in grade 7). However, after losing my initial interest, I slowed down dramatically...
  44. T

    Can I find job opportunities in Canada through online applications?

    I planned to work on Canada and I applied a job online and browse different sites to find a job. But after a long wait, I haven't got acall from any employers. May I know if there are some ways for me to apply in Canada?
  45. HeisenbergGER

    Plan for study in the US as an international student

    Hello dear forum community, I am a German student, currently engaged in my last year of high school. I am planning to study in the US after I completed my A-Levels. Since I am very interested in physics and engineering, pursuing a career in those field would appeal to me the most. I managed to...
  46. Z

    Calculating integrals using residue & cauchy & changing plan

    Homework Statement \int_{0}^{2\pi} \dfrac{d\theta}{3+tan^2\theta} Homework Equations \oint_C f(z) = 2\pi i \cdot R R(z_{0}) = \lim_{z\to z_{0}}(z-z_{0})f(z) The Attempt at a Solution I did a similar example that had the form \int_{0}^{2\pi} \dfrac{d\theta}{5+4cos\theta} where I would change...
  47. Ritzycat

    Student Debt, feasibility & plan to repay

    I'll be starting my undergrad this fall. As of now I will probably start majoring in physics. Nonetheless I expect to stay within the area of science. If I've done the math right I'll probably have 43K in debt. Of that 43k, 8k is federal unsubsidized loans with 4.29% interest rate, (will...
  48. T

    Is my math study plan suitable?

    Hello, I have been reading the posts on this website and they have really helped me out in finding good books. I will be starting university math next year and have formed the following study plan for the year (the books I list are merely the ones I start with -- I will of course read more books...
  49. J

    I came up with a plan to grow our economy

    Hey, guys, I came up with a fool-proof plan to grow the economy. What we will do is inflate asset prices. We'll get real estate agents to appraise houses at artificially high values and we'll also drive people into the stock market through QE/inflation. Then everyone will feel like they have...
  50. D

    Realistic help for a fictional plan?

    Here's what I'm doing... I'm creating a fictional biography of sorts set in the near (30 years) future. It's close enough to present that any help that would be presented now would likely be relevant then as well. What I'm looking for is a character that earns a doctorate in theoretical and/or...