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Planets cause a warp in the fabric of space time

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    According to General Relativity the stars and planets cause a warp in the fabric of space time, right? Now, if planets' orbits are governed by the warping of the fabric of space time, then how are the gas clouds in Nebulas affecting that fabric? Also how do galaxies affect that fabric? Do they cause a warp in it also?
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    Everything with mass, including gas, causes a gravitational distortion proportional to that mass.
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    Even you warp spacetime.

    Galaxies, nebulae, etc. all interact gravitationally. The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are on a "collision" course due to their gravitational interaction.
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    Ok thanks guys, i think i need to study up on GR and SR, there is alot about it i dont understand yet.
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