What is Fabric: Definition and 116 Discussions

A textile is a flexible material made by creating an interlocking network of yarns or threads, which are produced by spinning raw fibres (from either natural or synthetic sources) into long and twisted lengths. Textiles are then formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, tatting, felting, bonding, or braiding these yarns together.
The related words "fabric" and "cloth" and "material" are often used in textile assembly trades (such as tailoring and dressmaking) as synonyms for textile. However, there are subtle differences in these terms in specialized usage. A textile is any material made of the interlacing fibres, including carpeting and geotextiles, which may not necessarily be used in the production of further goods, such as clothing and upholstery. A fabric is a material made through weaving, knitting, spreading, felting, stitching, crocheting or bonding that may be used in the production of further products, such as clothing and upholstery, thus requiring a further step of the production. Cloth may also be used synonymously with fabric, but often specifically refers to a piece of fabric that has been processed or cut.

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  1. D

    Why can cashews bleach fabric?

    Hi everyone I was soaking a red T-shirt in water and accidentally dropped a cashew nut into the bucket. I think the nut would have been soaking with the T-shirt for maybe three or four days. When I emptied out the water, I noticed the spot on the T-shirt where the cashew had rested became...
  2. O

    I Umbrella fabric and diffraction pattern

    It is sometimes said that a distant street lamp seen through a dark coloured umbrella fabric appears like dotted diffraction pattern, as in figure A. However, I have tried several umbrellas but all of them produce a blurred cross, as in figure B. The umbrella fabric superficially looks like a...
  3. C

    Fabric material ants bite/eat?

    I have an exercise floor mat which I just bought new 2 weeks ago but there was already holes at bottom not caused by me or factory defect. What kinds of ants can eat fabric? And what fabric could they really bite through? Or are they attracted to the polyethylene foam inside? Does this taste sweet?
  4. S

    Determine horizontal separation of fabric from diffraction pattern

    Do I need to use formula to answer this question? Can't I just divided the horizontal distance in the picture by 2. so the horizontal separation of the thread is 54.8 / 2 = 27.4 mm? Thanks
  5. Lnewqban

    Gore-Tex: Inventor of waterproof fabric Robert Gore dies aged 83

  6. Immortal68

    B Matter & Space-Time: A Discussion

    I was having a discussion with someone, regarding whether Time Travel was possible. The opposing individual argued that people are composed of matter that is simply woven into the fabric of space-time, therefore, rendering us unable to travel through time. I wasn't sure if he was right because I...
  7. kolleamm

    Can I mix carbon fiber fabric with most glues?

    I have a fragile plastic piece and I would like to coat the inner walls with carbon fiber, so I was thinking I could lay carbon fiber on it and put some glue from the hardware store to mix with it. Would it work in making it stronger or do I need a special glue?
  8. M

    A Dark matter and the fabric of space time,

    {Moderator's note: Moved to Cosmology forum.] Dark matter and the fabric of space time, Can someone with a real knowledge base of physics and the current accepted theories, please explain why the fabric of space is not the candidate for the elusive dark matter? Having read extensively about...
  9. N

    I Space-time curvature and the fabric of space

    Greetings: I watched several videos describing so-called "empty space" as being permeated with fields (electron field, quark field, etc.). Is it possible that it is actually these fields that curve about large masses and that the trajectory of light and matter curve because they follow the...
  10. Mlesnita Daniel

    B Could singularities be just rips in the space-time fabric?

    First off, this is just an assumption. My knowledge of the field is extremely limited and I beg you to come and correct my mistakes, so I can learn. So, I guess we all know how that space-time fabric is bended by gravity. When a star dies, all of the atoms are brought extremely close...
  11. Zack K

    B How did Einstein come up with the thought of a space fabric?

    I've always wondered how we came to come up with such an idea. Was he one day sitting around and thinking, then made a random assumption and go "ah hah!". Or did his idea come up through his calculations on the nature of how gravity should cause interaction? Is their a literal fabric of space...
  12. M

    B Space Time fabric graphic is misleading

    This has been bothering me for some time, and would like to get a physicist's view of it. If my understanding or contention is in error, please correct me (gently). I only have under grad physics from 1970, and was a microbiologist, though am interested in quantum physics, cosmology. My...
  13. R

    B Standard candles in a stretching fabric of space

    I'm just trying to figure somethings out concerning the accelerating expansion of the universe and the measured redshift, etc. If a light emitting object moves away from us, because of the expansion of the universe, the speed of that object causes a redshift in this light. But this light, from...
  14. DLeuPel

    B What is the fabric of spacetime?

    The question is in the title. Nothing more to add.
  15. physea

    Fabric with high thermal robustness

    Hello! Is there any material that is like fabric and can withstand high temperatures maybe 1k, 2k C etc? I also need it to be waterproof, ie to be able to hold liquid. Thanks!
  16. M

    How does stacking and creating an air gap affect fabric air permeability?

    I have a fabric from a windshirt testing at 40 CFM under ASTM D 737 (125 Pa). I am interested in understanding what would happen to air velocity if two layers were stacked and tested. Next, how would the results be affected by an air gap between the two layers?
  17. BillTre

    What is the Science Behind Temperature Control Fabric?

    This article in Science mag news is about a fabric that can, let more heat (via IR) out in hot weather, or flipped over, keep more heat in the cold Here is the Science article (not free). The fabric also let's gasses and humidity pass through because it has nano-pores. It has 4 layers: 2...
  18. D

    B What is dark energy in the fabric of space-time?

    I know that according to Einstein's theory of relativity, space-time is like a fabric which can be pliable. Gravity is the shape, or the warping of that fabric. In this analogy, what would dark energy (the unknown form of energy that is causing the universe to expand) be?
  19. D

    Stress on fabric under tension

    Suppose we have a dome of fabric supported by radial rigid beams. The pressure (air or water pressure) outside the dome is significantly higher than inside the dome (perhaps the inside is even at vacuum). Because the material is fabric (non rigid) the compressive force from the higher pressure...
  20. genphis

    B Does Mass determine our depth in the fabric of space?

    I have not posted for a while,but something has been bugging me. I would like help understanding that if mass makes a dent in the fabric of space, does it mean celestial bodies are sitting at different depths in the fabric, and does that mean the less mass in an object you are then more likely...
  21. N

    Searching for Thermally Conductive Fabric / Film

    I'm looking for a fabric or film with thicknesses maybe in the range of 1-10 mil that can withstand a high temperature (ideally up to 450 - 500 F) and has good thermal conductivity characteristics through the thickness of the material.
  22. H

    Is Salt Water Really Effective in Neutralizing Rust on Fabric?

    I am a textile artist. I transfer rust from rusty objects onto cotton fabric by spritzing the fabric with vinegar and water, then laying or wrapping the rusty object on the fabric, cover loosely and wait for the process to happen. There is a lot of 'advice' on the net about how to 'neutralize'...
  23. SD das

    I Does a black hole cut the fabric of spacetime as it changes

    Einstein's general theory of relativity describes the stars distort spacetime fabric and it appears a black hole makes a hole in the spacetime fabric. It is evident that the size of a galaxy does not change due to gravity but in large scale the distance between two distant galaxies increases due...
  24. J

    B Can sound distort the fabric of space?

    Is it possible for Low Frequency to distort the fabric of space? If so, how?
  25. G

    I Is the fabric of space a "medium" for light?

    For this question, I don't want to explore what "space" is (quantum chaos or otherwise), or whether it has mass, etc. Instead, I just want to explore if it qualifies as a medium, like air or water. I have a line of reasoning I want to explore, but as it is based on "space" being considered a...
  26. A

    B Resistance of Space-Time fabric

    According to relativity gravity is just an illusion caused by wrapping of space-time fabric by mass, right? So, what is the elasticity of of space-time? There must be some king of resistance for the wrapping, otherwise even a tiny mass would plunge in the space time for eternity.
  27. qpwimblik

    B Walking on a sheet of grippy fabric in space.

    How much inertia gravity would you get walking around on a reasonably strong sheet tied in the corners working with the weather of the sheet rubbing up against the walker would it be worth it to strengthen muscles.
  28. B

    NASA's experiment with a gyroscope featured in Fabric of the Cosmos

    In Brian Greene's documentary The Fabric of the Cosmos, the thesis of the documentary is that empty space has physical properties even if there are no atoms or molecules in it. As I recall, most of the documentary shows the story of how NASA had a goal of sending a gyroscope up into space to...
  29. A

    I Time Space Fabric: Malleability & Extension Explored

    What is space time fabric is it have properties like malleability or extension because I was watching cosmos in discovery they said "time space is very flexible flexible than we thought." Can you suggest some mathematics about time space fabric
  30. T

    Water jet cuttng carbon fiber fabric

    Hello! I've just received information that there may be a requirement to cut some carbon fiber fabric on the water jet machine in our lab. The party that wants the cutting done, requires an option that's quicker than using shears to cut it. That's pretty much all the information I have at the...
  31. Allen_Wolf

    B Just a Doubt -- can the Space Time Fabric be ripped or broken?

    Hey, can the Space Time Fabric be ripped or broken? The answer could help find the state of the universe on some aspects.
  32. K

    What fabric(s) can contain/spread heat?

    I am curious what kind of fabrics (be specific) are used in products such as heated blankets which shield the heated wires, and are resistant to the heat, preventing it from burning. I imagine the wires are simply stitched inside this material and the whole blanket isn't made up of the...
  33. jk22

    Subjective space-time fabric ?

    I don't know if this question is psychiatric or has to do with philosophy of physics : When we sleep is there subjectively no space-time, we don't feel in any place nor we know the time. So how does the brain reconnect to space-time ?
  34. A

    How can tannic acid be used for a fabric to retain dye?

    The dye is Malachite green specifically. I understand that tannic acid has many hydrogen bonds making it very polar, but i don't understand how it is a mordant between a fibre and the dye. Any help is much appreciated.
  35. Jim Hasty

    Is the metric basis for space expanding as the universe expands?

    I have read that as the universe expands that the "fabric" of spacetime expands. Does this mean that the metric basis for a given space is expanding? Also, does this mean the distances between the atoms in the lattice of matter is also increasing proportional to the expansion of the cosmos?
  36. I

    B Exploring the Fabric of Space: A Philosophical Inquiry

    I am a student of philosophy but I think philosophy is not capable of answering this. My question is, what is our current understanding of the fabric of space? Einstein understood it as a structure in which events happened. Can you suggest papers/books that deal with this? Really appreciate your...
  37. Mat B

    Help with electrically non-conductive fabric? (500V)

    Hi all, My first post, so kind of excited! I'm looking for an electrically non-conductive fabric, or material that can be spun into a fabric. I'm looking to hold back 400-500V. Ideally thin, and highly pliable. A fabric coating may also work. Any and all thoughts and insights are sincerely...
  38. DastardlyBliss

    Why is the fabric of space and time always portrayed flat?

    The concept of the fabric of time and space is confusing to me. I understand that an object with large mass can warp it, but that only makes sense to me if the fabric had only two spatial dimensions (assuming no warps). The space-time fabric is always explained visually as a flat plane, but...
  39. S

    Entanglement as the fabric of space-time?

    1. A photon does not experience time, does a photon experience space? (between interactions?) 2. When photon is bound between electron orbital levels it is "stuck" there and hence experiences time? When an electron jumps to a lower orbital it will emit a photon, this photon would then move at...
  40. S

    Springs and arches suspending a fabric

    Homework Statement The distance from the spring attachment to the arch in 9 feet. The distance from the arch to the arch is 20 feet. There are three arches. So, End plate-spring to arch to arch to arch to spring-end plate. The tarp weights 750 lbs and is 60 ft by 20 ft. There are 20 springs...
  41. benlahbib

    The fabric of the cosmos - Universe or Multiverse

    "The Fabric Of The Cosmos," a four-hour series based on the book by renowned physicist and author Brian Greene, takes us to the frontiers of physics to see how scientists are piecing together the most complete picture yet of space, time, and the universe. With each step, audiences will discover...
  42. C

    What is the fabric of space time really like?

    Is space time like a bowling ball on a trampoline or does it surround all matter like water does a submerged object?
  43. N

    Is Spacetime Fabric Truly 2D or Just a Visual Representation?

    I've always been interested in Space-Time fabric and have been trying to get a clear answer to whether or not its an actual fabric that's two dimensional or is that an easier way of understanding it when talking about gravity and matter and how Space-Time is effected. If it really is 2D, why?
  44. 6

    Is the fabric of space time 2d or 3d

    Well when I watch movies I see space time as 2d. But how do we see the space time from Earth to a region lower than earth.
  45. D

    Spacetime 'loaf' according to Fabric of the Cosmos

    Spacetime 'loaf' according to "Fabric of the Cosmos" From what I learned watching Brian Greene's "Fabric of the Cosmos" episode on Nova, if you look at spacetime like a loaf of bread, then each 'slice' depends on your relative speed compared to another point in the loaf. This I have no problem...
  46. A

    Exploring the Fabric of Space: Theories and Possibilities

    I know currently there is no answer but please be open to theories or possibilities for this intrigues me endlessly: Everything is made up of something, so the fabric of space must also be made up of something. i'd like to know if it would be possible to "poke" a hole through the fabric of...
  47. A

    By definition the space time fabric must have mass.

    Hello all, My post involves the unexpected continued expansion of the universe. As if matter is being accelerated by some means of unknown repulsion. Let us assume that current space time theory is correct. And that there is a "fabric" of space. We are all familiar with the grid...
  48. D

    A way to ripple the fabric of space?

    So i was sitting in Algebra the other day, day-dreaming when i thought of something: I know gravity exists because all objects have mass that bend space causing a trampoline effect and pull objects towards them. So, what happens if you have something that has extreme mass (say a large star)...