What is Fabric of space: Definition and 30 Discussions

The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality (2004) is the second book on theoretical physics, cosmology, and string theory written by Brian Greene, professor and co-director of Columbia's Institute for Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics (ISCAP).

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  1. P

    B Does Space Recover or Oscillate After Being Distorted by Massive Objects?

    When a massive object travels through space distorting its geometry, does the space gradually revert to its previous state, or does it oscillate back and forth eventually settling into its state as it was before it was distorted by the massive object ? If the fabric of of space has a high...
  2. M

    A Dark matter and the fabric of space time,

    {Moderator's note: Moved to Cosmology forum.] Dark matter and the fabric of space time, Can someone with a real knowledge base of physics and the current accepted theories, please explain why the fabric of space is not the candidate for the elusive dark matter? Having read extensively about...
  3. N

    I Space-time curvature and the fabric of space

    Greetings: I watched several videos describing so-called "empty space" as being permeated with fields (electron field, quark field, etc.). Is it possible that it is actually these fields that curve about large masses and that the trajectory of light and matter curve because they follow the...
  4. Zack K

    B How did Einstein come up with the thought of a space fabric?

    I've always wondered how we came to come up with such an idea. Was he one day sitting around and thinking, then made a random assumption and go "ah hah!". Or did his idea come up through his calculations on the nature of how gravity should cause interaction? Is their a literal fabric of space...
  5. R

    B Standard candles in a stretching fabric of space

    I'm just trying to figure somethings out concerning the accelerating expansion of the universe and the measured redshift, etc. If a light emitting object moves away from us, because of the expansion of the universe, the speed of that object causes a redshift in this light. But this light, from...
  6. genphis

    B Does Mass determine our depth in the fabric of space?

    I have not posted for a while,but something has been bugging me. I would like help understanding that if mass makes a dent in the fabric of space, does it mean celestial bodies are sitting at different depths in the fabric, and does that mean the less mass in an object you are then more likely...
  7. J

    B Can sound distort the fabric of space?

    Is it possible for Low Frequency to distort the fabric of space? If so, how?
  8. G

    I What would happen if you moved a black hole?

    Ignoring for the moment the plausibility of this scenario, what would happen? A black hole is the ultimate gravity well, right? In some circles, they're even considered tears in the fabric of the universe. So what would happen to that fabric if you moved the black hole? Would it behave like...
  9. G

    I Is the fabric of space a "medium" for light?

    For this question, I don't want to explore what "space" is (quantum chaos or otherwise), or whether it has mass, etc. Instead, I just want to explore if it qualifies as a medium, like air or water. I have a line of reasoning I want to explore, but as it is based on "space" being considered a...
  10. Jim Hasty

    Is the metric basis for space expanding as the universe expands?

    I have read that as the universe expands that the "fabric" of spacetime expands. Does this mean that the metric basis for a given space is expanding? Also, does this mean the distances between the atoms in the lattice of matter is also increasing proportional to the expansion of the cosmos?
  11. Dimitri655

    Understanding Spacetime: Exploring the 2D Concept of Space and Time

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody could help me understand the concept of spacetime. My physics knowledge is quite limited but so far what I have gathered is: Spacetime is like a piece of paper (assuming it is 2d) but instead of width and length it has space on one axis and time on another...
  12. Jaami M.

    Do we move in the Universe? Or is everything stationary

    This isn't too much of a question, but more of an open proposal. Now... to begin, I know that both you, reading this, and I can agree that our universe is expanding. The universe is expanding from every point within itself, there is no Defenitive reference point, this is a fact. So for an...
  13. I

    B Exploring the Fabric of Space: A Philosophical Inquiry

    I am a student of philosophy but I think philosophy is not capable of answering this. My question is, what is our current understanding of the fabric of space? Einstein understood it as a structure in which events happened. Can you suggest papers/books that deal with this? Really appreciate your...
  14. DastardlyBliss

    Why is the fabric of space and time always portrayed flat?

    The concept of the fabric of time and space is confusing to me. I understand that an object with large mass can warp it, but that only makes sense to me if the fabric had only two spatial dimensions (assuming no warps). The space-time fabric is always explained visually as a flat plane, but...
  15. C

    What is the fabric of space time really like?

    Is space time like a bowling ball on a trampoline or does it surround all matter like water does a submerged object?
  16. 6

    Is the fabric of space time 2d or 3d

    Well when I watch movies I see space time as 2d. But how do we see the space time from Earth to a region lower than earth.
  17. A

    Exploring the Fabric of Space: Theories and Possibilities

    I know currently there is no answer but please be open to theories or possibilities for this intrigues me endlessly: Everything is made up of something, so the fabric of space must also be made up of something. i'd like to know if it would be possible to "poke" a hole through the fabric of...
  18. D

    A way to ripple the fabric of space?

    So i was sitting in Algebra the other day, day-dreaming when i thought of something: I know gravity exists because all objects have mass that bend space causing a trampoline effect and pull objects towards them. So, what happens if you have something that has extreme mass (say a large star)...
  19. B

    Question about the fabric of space

    Forewarned, I'm super layman. Anyways, I've been wondering this all day from the thought of liquids needing less heat to boil under less atmosphere. Don't panic, i haven't JUST learned this, it just has provoked a thought.Is space expanding because of the momentum brought by the big bang, like...
  20. P

    General Relativity: Gravitational time dilation of photons and Fabric of Space

    Consider the following, from the prospective of General Relativity: A photon's path between two points, point O (emitted point, from galaxy GO) to point R (received point, in Galaxy GR): O: point of photon's origin, in space GFO: gravitational field force at point O, due to its position in...
  21. G

    Can black holes allow us to break the speed of light?

    I always feel like I'm breaking some rule posting on here. As i am not a student of any class's. I also always feel re state that I am not as educated as you, any of you. I also feel compelled to state that some reason I find the topics you talk about confusing and yet easy and the math is Greek...
  22. S

    Space-Time Fabric: Exploring 3D Distortion

    hey guys, i jus got a question regarding space time fabric...if we take an example of a 2d fabric...it is distorted in the third dimension...now if it is a 3d fabric ( which is what it is supposed to be ) then in which dimension will it get distorted??
  23. M

    Connection between fabric of space, max. speed (of light) and time dilation

    Hi all, 1. the max. speed of waves in the air is the speed of sound. it's caused by the physical limitation - changes in the air fabric (particles) can't propagate faster in it. 2. so I was wondering, whether the max. speed in our space isn't limited by the max. (indivisible/atomic) change...
  24. P

    What is the fabric of space made of

    What is space itself made of? i.e. if you take both your hands and put them in front of you--parallel to your shoulders, what is the empty space between your hands made of. Is this space just a void? Did this area of space between your hands exist before the big bang. And if it didn't...
  25. E

    Can mankind transcend the fabric of space and time?

    A question that came out spontaneously, what do you think?
  26. vincentm

    Planets cause a warp in the fabric of space time

    According to General Relativity the stars and planets cause a warp in the fabric of space time, right? Now, if planets' orbits are governed by the warping of the fabric of space time, then how are the gas clouds in Nebulas affecting that fabric? Also how do galaxies affect that fabric? Do they...
  27. T

    The fabric of space time

    I've heard there is a maximum magnetic field intensity in a neutron star. could this be related to the properties of the fabric of space time. I'm thinking of the idea that mass distorts spacetime for example the bowling ball in the sheet demonstration. My question is, is the max magnetic...
  28. W

    Does the fabric of space itself cause friction?

    I remember reading a while ago that the fabric of space has a texture and thus would cause friction. Even in a perfect vacuum a spacecraft would slow down over time due to this. Is this an accepted theory?