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In summary, a group of college students studying different fields, including applied physics, materials engineering, and geography, are interested in creating a special interest/hobbyist collective for tech enthusiasts to share and enhance their skills in programming, electronics, robotics, and other scientific areas. They currently do not have a concrete plan or funding, but are seeking advice and comments from others with similar organizations or experiences. They are also considering registering as a student group and reaching out to professors and graduate students for mentorship and donations of equipment.
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i'm in college and I'm studying applied physics.

me and a bunch of guys from materials engineering and geography are interested in a special interest/hobbyist collective of tech enthusiasts. we are interested in sharing our tech experiences in programming, electronics, robotics and other scientific skills to create special projects and provide a venue for tech enthusiasts to share and enhance their skills.

we don't really have a plan yet on how to start this...
what we currently have are the following:

1. a materials engineer student with experience in programming (not really sure)
2. a plasma physicist in training with limited experience in basic electronics and some python programming
3. a geography major into programming and is now wori\king on a microprocessor.
4. a telescope... which i have been using on moon watching
5. a great amount of interest and desire to start on a project
6. well we don't have money yet to start one
7. or a concrete idea for a project

so for all of those belonging to a similar form of organization or has anything to share/advice or anything to say about this...
i would really appreciate comments.

p.s. we don't have any student organizations like this in our school so what we only have as models are instituted laboratories and orgs outside our university
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One thing you could do would be to register yourselves with the the student union or university as a recognized student group. This will likely involve drawing up some kind of constitution, a statement of purpose, and the creation of various offices (President, Secretary-Treasurer, VP Social, etc.).

Once you establish this, you could contact various departments at your school and see if there are any professors or graduate students willing to act as mentors and give you input, assist with defining projects, or who may be willing to donate old lab equipement. You might be surprised at what you can find kicking around in the attics of old physics buildings.

Formally organizing the group offers the advantage being something you can cite on a resume or graduate school application.
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I think it's great that you and your friends from different fields of study are interested in creating an organization for tech enthusiasts. Collaboration and sharing of skills and experiences can lead to innovative and exciting projects.

To start, I would suggest creating a clear vision and mission for your organization. What do you want to achieve? What values and principles will guide your group? This will help you focus your efforts and attract like-minded individuals.

I also recommend reaching out to established organizations or labs outside of your university for guidance and inspiration. They may have valuable insights and resources to share with you.

In terms of funding, you can explore options such as crowdfunding or seeking sponsorship from companies or organizations that align with your mission. You can also start small with simple projects that don't require a lot of funding.

Lastly, I would encourage you to keep an open mind and be open to new ideas and collaborations. With a diverse group of individuals, you never know what amazing projects you can come up with.

Good luck with your organization and I look forward to seeing the exciting projects you will create!

1. What is the purpose of creating an organization/pol of tech enthusiasts?

The purpose of this organization/pol is to bring together individuals who are passionate about technology and create a community where they can share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences. This organization/pol can also serve as a platform for networking, collaboration, and professional development.

2. How do I become a member of this organization/pol?

To become a member, you can fill out an online application form or attend one of our events and sign up in person. Membership is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in technology and is willing to contribute to the organization/pol's goals and activities.

3. What kind of activities does this organization/pol offer?

This organization/pol offers a variety of activities such as workshops, seminars, hackathons, networking events, and guest speaker sessions. These activities are designed to educate, inspire, and connect members with each other and the wider tech community.

4. Can I suggest an event or activity for the organization/pol to host?

Yes, we welcome suggestions from our members for events and activities that align with our goals and values. You can submit your ideas through our website or bring them up during our regular meetings. We are always open to new and innovative ideas from our members.

5. How can I contribute to the organization/pol's mission and goals?

There are several ways you can contribute to the organization/pol's mission and goals. You can volunteer to help organize events, share your knowledge and expertise by hosting a workshop or giving a presentation, or simply participate in our activities and engage with other members. Your support and contributions are essential in making this organization/pol a success.

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