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Plate mode shape subjected to damage

  1. Sep 30, 2015 #1
    Hello Peeps~ I have couple of questions related to vibration and I would really appreciate some help from you experts out there.

    Anyways, say I have a metal plate with mode shapes observed at 100 Hz and 300 Hz as shown in the below figures. If I were to chip(cut) off a small part of the plate(top corner), will the mode shape for both frequencies totally change? or will just the top antinode part("mountain shape") will change? which frequency range (100 Hz or 300 Hz) will be more severly changed in general?

    upload_2015-9-30_16-24-37.png upload_2015-9-30_16-25-3.png

    Figure 1. at 100 Hz Figure 2. at 300 Hz

    This question would of been easy if I had ANSYS but... I wouldn't understand the reasons for the result anyway :(
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    Ah well~ I'll try and find ANSYS user and ask for help~
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    There was no way of answering this properly without doing full analysis on a plate with actual dimensions and constraints .

    OP - try using LISA-8 . Excellent and costs nothing .
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