Player Pays $330k (US) for Space Station in Project Entropia Universe

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    This seems like a massive risk because of game competition. Second Life is not like Hong Kong or NYC where there is literally no land left to develop which creates the high prices. Virtual worlds can be a dime a dozen. What happens when Second Life becomes out dated. What happens to that property when "Third Life" enters the arena. Virtual property is a virtual waste.
  4. That guy that bought an island for $26,000 in World of Warcraft couple of years ago said that it already paid for itself.
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    How did he generate revenue with it?
  6. By taxing other people that come to your island and selling virtual real estate.

    It's Crazy

  7. There is a lot of money flooding into virtual worlds. Sure, there is no such thing as a long term investment in real estate, but that does not stop the possibility for HUGE profits.
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