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Pleas, suggest a advanced+serious Number Theory book!

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    Hi guys,

    I wanna know about some information of books,
    I recently finished a Number Theory course by Pommersheim and you know it was pretty easy, and it took for 3 days.

    Please suggest advanced and serious Number Theory book.
    + set theory.

    Thank you in advanced.
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    For set theory you can check the textbooks by the authors:
    Kunen, Jech and Hrbaceck.

    for number theory, if you know a little bit of abstract algebra then there's a textbook by Ireland and Rosen, if you still want an easy going textbook then there's Burton's book.
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    trygve nagell's book is impressive.
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    Hardy & Wright is a highly-rated text, not too trivial, not too obscure, covers a wide range of topics.
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    Try Apostol's or Landau's book on number theory.
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    If anyone is mystified by this comment - that's the OTHER Landau.

    But Hardy/Wright is better simply because it's bigger than these two put together (620 pages vs. 350+250).
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