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Please can you help me transpose this problem?

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    7.0588 = sin(10.4*∏*t)

    how do i transpose this to solve the equation finding a value for t?

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    invsin(7.0588) gives (10.4*∏*t)
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    invsin(7.0588) in my casio gives a math error
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    your casio is ok because the sin of ANY angle must not be greater than 1.
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    hmmm here is the full problem, i thought i could solve it with the first question. could you help me more here grzz?


    where x = 0.6m
    a = 0.085m
    omega = 10.4*Pi


    any ideas mate?
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    Mod note: moved to Homework forums.

    acat, please make your own attempts to solve the problem. We will not solve it for you.
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    Actually, no, what you posted wasn't the full problem. Why is x = 0.6 m? Why is a = 0.085 m? What situation does this equation model? You need to post the entire word problem. It's possible you plugged in the wrong values for the variables.
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    micromass i wouldnt dream of expecting others to finish homework for me. Im just struggeling with this 1 step of my problem and its really bugging me. Im simply asking for help with this 1 step so id feel confident to go off on my own and finish my problem.

    Anyhow, ill post the problem up later on. thanks
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    Ray Vickson

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    The equation you wrote is easy to deal with: it has NO (real) solutions. That is because you are asking to have a value of "sine" that is > 1, and that cannot happen for any real angle.

    However, it does have solutions in the complex plane; one is t = 0.0480769 - 0.080874I, where I = sqrt(-1).

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