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Please, help with the experimental setup

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    Can someone, please, briefly describe or give a manual on how to use the spectrometer on the photo to measure an atomic spectrum. I tried to google that already, but failed.


    Deep thanks!
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    You will need a source to look at. A discharge tube, filled with a gas may do the job.
    One of the two telescopes will point at your source and you look through the eye-piece of the other telescope. The prism stays on that black tray in the center and you need to adjust it so the refracted beam goes into the second telescope. At least this is how it looks to me from the picture.
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    Prism separates the wavelengths; ther may be a reticule in the observation scope which needs to be calibrated with some known spectrum; the other arm perhaps has an attacment for the gas disharge tube - otherwise you must align this with the light source, and darken the room.

    The prism is fixed; use the rotary stage to center each spectral line, and note its intensity, color, etc, and record the angle.

    After that you can calculate the wavelengths from the calibration plus the experimental geometry.

    I remember optics labs where we had to figure out the instrument with no instructions, and had to do our own calibrations. Its good to have a partner!
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