Plotting Solar spectrum

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TL;DR Summary
I'm to plot the solar spectrum from some data files I'm given and locate and mark on my plot various types of spectral lines
I'm trying to plot the solar spectrum (Wavelength versus Flux) from a table of values I'm given. I'm given 3 columns;

Solar Flux
Arcturus Flux

Plotting Solar Flux versus Wavelength gives me a graph (below) that is very difficult to resolve. There are 21,000 data points as well.
If I'm plotting the solar spectrum however; I'm confused what to do with the flux of Arcturus. Is it a calibration standard?
My plot looks like what is shown below; it is difficult to resolve. Perhaps I need to normalize?


I would like something more like this; (it appears I need to flip my plot as well)

Screenshot (130).png

The F/Fc axis for the second image seems like the flux is normalized to a continuum(?).
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The data looks to be already normalised. I don't think you need do anything with the Arcturus spectra. To see what's going on better increase the length of the x-axis or plot subsections.

Given where they are they look like tha Ca H and K lines which are very complex. You would think need to research these lines and their structure.

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PS I have replied to two other post of yours but never got a reply. Hint.
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You could pass a smoothing filter over the spectrum to smooth it a bit if it appears noisy. The features you're interested in will still be apparent and it would probably look a lot more like the examples given.

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