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Courses Pls Help me select a good course and a carrer

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    I am a 11th std student (according to Indian sylabus) studying in Oman(I am a Non Resident Indian). I now need help to make a few major decisions in my life, I hope u would help me make the correct decision. Oman is a gulf country with less or very few colleges. So for my Undergraduate course i need to go to india or abroad. I am trying to enter IIT but i wish to go some were else. I have a few problems that seek ur advice for.
    I am a student who took Computer science, Maths Physics and Chem in my 11th. I am struggiling to find a very good carrer for me. I am verry good at Computer, Chemistry and Physics and i like them all equally. My talent lies in computer but i dont wish to study computer science as my major. i like to study computer as part time. I also like aeronautoics and neurscience. I like all the carrers thayt are adventurous and unique. I am very ambitious. i want to achieve something. I need help finding the appropriate carrer and course for me. pls help.

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    How about you consider Aerospace Engineering?
    There are two universities in Toronto well known for their programs in aerospace engineering with heavy emphasis on comp sc.

    Ryerson University, Toronto
    University of Toronto, Toronto

    *** Make sure you take Calculus as much as posible and Physics. These courses are very important in engineering. Good luck!
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    How are the job oppurtunities in aerospace engineering??? Are there provisions for scholorship for students from abroad in the above mentioned college??? And thanks a lot for the advice. I want to know more about the other careers also so pls keep giving me more choices.
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    And sorry, i failed to tell this before. I also like Electronics. So what are the careers available in it?. How good is Nanotechnology. Is it possible for me to learn some course like biotech, neuroscience without taking biology in 12th grade. i have done biology till 10th grade.
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    You have to work very hard if you want to enter (compete) for those programs in Ontario, Kanada. I am not saying that you are not a good student but I just want to let you know those programs you mentioned are very competetive. Nanotechnology is a new field, very hard program. University of Waterloo in Ontario is a very , very good university for Nanotech program. You are mixing (sortof) more programs; electronics, biotech, neuroscience, nanotech, cmp, sc. It is OK but you have to be very carefull in picking your high school subjects to satisfy university requirements for particular program.

    I was in the same situation like you when I was in high school, was not sure what I want, and maybe I still don't know it but I took all major, heavy courses in high school just to make sure I am ready to tackle any program I want.
    I took all math courses, all biology courses, all chemistry courses, all physics courses, and aother compulsory courses like english language.

    At the moment I am studying Electrical Engineering in Toronto, and I might specialize later on in Biomedical Engineering, but I am not sure because I hear it is a very bad pay ($).

    In my opinion if someone is not good in math and physics DON'T go into engineering. Good luck.
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    i understand the importance of getting good marks. i you get a chance you must try and read the educational competition in india. CBSE is one of the toughest educational system and it is very hard to score in it.

    Since you are in a toranto university could u tell me about the scolarship services available there for international students?? my parents are not very rich and more over they have to also educate my brother, so is there any hope for me???

    any by the way as a last note i am good in my studies.

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    I contacted my councellor, he told that it is possible to do SAT II without writing SAT I. but i think he is wrong. can anyone clarify it?? he told me to do tofel and SATII and also told that SAT I is not necessary.
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